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Coachella 2016: Kesha Will Appear, But Is She Set to Make Surprise Performance?

by Carolyn Menyes   Apr 13, 2016 14:47 PM EDT

Coachella is no stranger to having high profile celebrities in attendance, but this year the first American major festival of the year will have one very special guest: Kesha.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the "Timber" singer will be attending this year's Coachella. Simply put, a source close to the pop star said "She'll be there."

What exactly Kesha is doing at Coachella remains a mystery. She could just be hanging out in the California desert and taking in the tunes, or she could be one of the festival's many big surprise appearances.

If Kesha were to perform at Coachella 2016, it would be her first major appearance since entering into a court battle against her producer and former mentor Dr. Luke (real name: Lukasz Gottwald), whom she accused of raping and abusing her throughout the entire working relationship.

Kesha, who says she is barred from releasing new music via her label Sony Records has not made a public appearance since February, when she was denied an injunction from her contract with Dr. Luke and his Sony imprint Kemosabe Records. According to a New York court, Kesha's claims of assault and worse were not enough to break her contract.

"You're asking the court to decimate a contract that was heavily negotiated and typical for the industry," the judge said. The judge also claimed maintaining the contract was the "commercially right" thing to do.

For his part, Dr. Luke has denied all allegations of abuse against Kesha and has said that she is free to record without him or his input, which Sony also has stated.

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