Gone is Gone is the newest supergroup, which consists of members from the bands Mastodon, At the Drive-In, and Queens of the Stone Age. The announcement of this new group was accompanied by the premiere of their first single, "Violescent," which you can listen to below.

Singer/bassist Troy Sanders of Mastodon, guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen of Queens of the Stone Age, and At the Drive-In drummer Tony Hajjar and guitarist/keyboardist Mike Zarin make up this new supergroup. According to a recent interview about the newly formed band, Hajjar and Zarin, who have worked together on video game scores, wanted to bring Gone is Gone together.

"The thought behind this band is to combine what most of us know from many years of being in touring/recording entities and our love of scoring," Hajjar explained in the Rolling Stone interview. "Mike and I have had the privilege of being part of some amazing movie trailer campaigns and scored the game Splinter Cell: Blacklist together as well. Our goal is to be able to do more of this within this project."

Listen to Gone is Gone's first song, "Violescent," right here (via YouTube):

The band's first EP is expected to debut this summer through Rise Records/BMG, but the members of Gone is Gone have busy 2016 schedules as is. Van Leeuwen is going on tour with Iggy Pop and Josh Holme, At the Drive-In is reuniting for a 2016 tour, and Mastodon isn't going anywhere (via Consequence of Sound). Gone is Gone is basically keeping these musicians' creative juices flowing, and we're excited for more.