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Family Feud! Jay Z & Solange Reportedly at Odds Again

by Wanda J Coppage   Apr 17, 2016 19:37 PM EDT

Tempers are reportedly flying in the Knowles-Carter camp again between Beyonce's sister, Solange, and husband, Jay Z.

According to an OK Magazine report Jay Z (Sean Carter) is apparently at odds with his sister-in-law over a recent business endeavor involving her website, SaintHeron.com.

The site reports how Jay is allegedly upset about the website because he was in the development stages of launching a similar site for his wife that would cover similar content as Solange's new website.

Though the alleged feud has not come to blows as it did in 2014 with the infamous elevator encounter, a source from the site is reportedly claiming that Carter is "extremely annoyed" by the entire situation.

Centric reported how the incident is dredging up old tension between the in-laws because no one ran the idea of the Saint Heron website pass him.

"The reason he's so upset is he was drawing up plans of his own to do a similar site for Beyoncé and was asking Gwyneth Paltrow for tips," a source reportedly revealed to OK Magazine.

Solange is reportedly fueled by her brother-in-law's resentment toward her site according to the source, and claims though she had no idea that he was planning to do something similar for her sister, he has no right to be angry about what she does.

"Solange has always had issues with Jay, but right now she thinks he's a controlling sexist pig," the source allegedly reported.

Jay Z, Beyonce nor Solange have released a statement regarding the claims, but in true Knowles-Carter fashion, a statement addressing any claims is likely to never happen.

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