No this is not a drill or a joke. James Blake will release his brand new album The Colour in Anything tonight.

He went on BBC Radio 1 tonight to chat with Annie Mac and play some new music from the album. He first discussed what he has been up to over the past few years, writing new music and touring.

The first song he played is called "Radio Silence," which was going to be the title track, but then they decided to change it to The Colour in Anything. However the track became a running joke because of how little he released music or updated his fans on progress of the album, which fans expect constantly in the social media age.

"Radio Silence" is a downtempo, moody and synthy track that fits with what we have heard on "Modern Soul."

He gets back into the conversation with Annie Mac to talk about the record. They discuss how they ended up working with artist Quentin Blake, which was his manager's idea. It was supposed to be for something else, but the album morphed into something that fit his type of artwork so they went with it.

He also reveals that he recorded some music with Rick Rubin.

He then plays his song with Justin Vernon from Bon Iver titled "I Need A Forest Fire."

So to recap, James Blake will release his new album The Colour in Anything at midnight GMT, which at the time of this writing will be a little over five hours.

Listen to the full interview below with the two new songs and get ready for a new James Blake album very, very, very soon.

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