The Slipknot and Marilyn Manson joint tour has been postponed due to Corey Taylor’s hospitalization for a broken neck.

Slipknot frontman Taylor had apparently sustained the injury some time ago but hadn’t realized the severity until he was hospitalized. Reportedly, he has to have two discs in his neck replaced in addition to a surgical procedure on his vertebrae.

As reported by NME, Taylor wrote in a Facebook message, “Regretfully, I’m sending this to our fans to inform you that we will be postponing the first couple of weeks of our upcoming US tour. Unfortunately, I had to undergo an unplanned spinal surgery. I am recovering nicely, and all went well. I need a little recovery time before hitting the stage.”

In the post Taylor first said that the tour was postponed until August, when it ends Aug. 5, but then said it would begin again on June 28. He explained that it would “continue as previously scheduled,” and expressed that he hoped his fans would understand. It is Marilyn Manson and Slipknot’s first tour together, and Of Mice And Men have also been added to the bill.

The tour was originally scheduled to begin on June 9 and hit hotspots Las Vegas, Austin, Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa, Hartford, Toronto and Montreal during its two month run.

Taylor also announced his new radio show on Beats 1 entitled A Series of Bleeps With Corey Taylor via Loudwire around the same time that the tour dates were announced. A Series of Bleeps With Corey Taylor is essentially the Slipknot frontman choosing his favorite rap, metal and rock songs for those who tune in.