Charli XCX has announced her follow-up album for Sucker, released in 2015, but has not given an actual due date. She has described the forthcoming album in the past as “the most pop thing I’ve done.” The “Boom Clap” singer’s album is reportedly still untitled.

“I’m going to be putting a record out soon and it’s going to be the most pop thing I’ve done,” XCX said to the Evening Standard. “I’m just finishing it but I can’t say anything yet. I’ve been in LA chilling and it’s great to be back in London.”

According to NME, the singer released her Vroom Vroom EP back in February, which featured the work of PC Music associate Sophie, BloodPop, who has worked with Grimes and Justin Bieber, and Stargate, who has worked with Rihanna and Coldplay.

Back in February, XCX told NME who she’d been working with on the new album, saying, “I’ve been working with SOPHIE a lot on it, and Blood Pop and Stargate. I’m not really telling anyone anything apart from that.”

When asked for more information she said, “I’m literally saying nothing else. I feel like I’m just gonna put it out and then the music can just do all the press for me. That’s the idea, right?”

In other XCX news, the singer was behind the launch of The Powerpuff Girls, who are making a comeback on Cartoon Network after leaving the show a decade ago.

Around the same time, she also launched her new label, Vroom Vroom Recordings, which is a subsidiary of Atlantic Records UK. She announced her Vroom Vroom EP around the same time as the label. At the time of its release, XCX described Vroom Vroom Recordings as a “new experimental pop label” that blends together “bubblegum pop with mystery and darkness.” When the label was launched, she already had two acts lined up, including synth pop duo RIVRS and singer-songwriter CuckooLander.