Corey Taylor of the metal band Slipknot opened up on why he decided to have a fan ejected during the band's concert in Canada last week. According to the vocalist, the male fan was disrespecting him during the band's set.

The incident happened on July 19 as the band was performing inside Toronto's Air Canada Center. In a video taken from the event, Taylor can be seen pointing at an audience member as the band plays "Sic."

WARNING: This video contains graphic language

Taylor then signals to the fan, which indicates that he is about the get thrown out, and cusses at him. He then breaks out of the song to taunt the rude fan and to say goodbye to him, Blabber Mouth reported. After the concert, Taylor explained through his Twitter account that the concert goer was being disrespectful.

It is not yet clear what the fan did to aggravate Taylor but as noted by Guitar World, the other concert goers said that the rude spectator was cussing at Taylor and flipping him off. Others claimed that he was attacking the people around him.

During a recent interview with the Q103 radio station in New York, Taylor explained that he tried to ignore the fan even though he was being disrespectful. However, the singer reached a point where he couldn't take it anymore and decided to ask the concert's security staff to throw out the fan.

"The only thing I can say is he was a troll in a real life, man," he said during the interview. "He was just showing some serious disrespect."

"What you're seeing [in the video] is the culmination of me trying to ignore it for the entire show and finally getting to the point where I'm like, 'No. We're not doing this anymore. I've been doing this for twenty years now. I'm not doing that.' So he was gone," Taylor added.

Unfortunately, the rude fan was with his female friend during the event. Taylor referred to her as a real fan of the band and felt sorry that she had to leave the venue too just because of her friend's inappropriate behavior.