Without much warning at all Sia has released a brand new song titled "The Greatest" that features Kendrick Lamar. It also has an accompanying video featuring Maddie Ziegler. The song comes as Sia gets ready to embark on her Nostalgia for the Present Tour with AlunaGeorge and Miguel.

The single is an uplifting, poppy tune that should slide its way onto the radio very soon. Sia's soaring voice glides over a tropical beat that has become à la mode recently as she demands in the pre-chorus for the listener to not give up. "Don't give up, I won't give up, no no no," she belts out.

Lamar's presence feels similar to that on Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood." It is nice to have, but the original is still very strong on its own. He isn't present in the music video, but on the Spotify and iTunes versions. He arrives in the third verse and immediately declares his greatness, "Hey, I am the truth / Hey, I am the wisdom of the fallen - I'm the youth / Hey, I am the greatest / Hey, this is the proof."

Kendrick is only present on the Spotify and iTunes version and not in the audio for the video, nor the visuals.

The video stars Maddie Ziegler as she finds herself in a shoddy building filled with other dancing kids. They start out in a prison cell in the basement and dance their way out. Ziegler reminds them to not give up and remain champions as the videos progresses throughout the building. They eventually all come together in a warehouse and fall back down together.

Watch the clip below and listen to the Kendrick Lamar clip on Spotify or pick it up on iTunes.

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