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Nelly 'Hot In Herre' Stream Party: Fans Hoping To Settle Rapper's Expensive Tax Bill

by Inigo Monzon   Sep 13, 2016 09:04 AM EDT

Fans of Nelly are rallying on Twitter with the hashtag #hotinherestreamingparty to help the rapper settle his over $2 million tax lien. As the hashtag suggests, the rapper's fans are streaming his hit track "Hot in Herre" to help solve his major financial problem.

As first reported by TMZ, Nelly was slapped with a $2,412,283 tax lien earlier in August. If the rapper fails to settle this amount, the Internal Revenue Service will then take away all of his properties and assets.

After news about the rapper's financial issue emerged, his fans came up with the idea of streaming the 2002 track from Nellyville over and over again until Nelly gets enough money to pay off the tax lien.

Although the streaming party seems like a good move by the fans to help Nelly, Spin noted that it may not be enough to cover the rapper's debt. According to the site, online streaming services such as Spotify typically pay artists around $0.006 to $0.0084 every time a song of theirs gets played.

If Nelly is getting paid with the lower rate, then his fans would have to stream "Hot in Herre" over 402,880,500 times to match the value of the rapper's tax lien. If he's lucky enough to make $0.0084 for each stream, then playing the song for 287,176,547 times will also put a significant dent on his tax problems.

Unfortunately, streaming the song hundreds of millions of times may still not be enough to completely settle Nelly's debt since the revenues from this online service will still have to be divided among record labels and publishers.

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