Los Angeles-based producer, DJ and singer ZHU has released the short film / music video for the title track from debut artist album GENERATIONWHY.

The video takes a bleak, 1985-like, view of the world, starting out with a nearly seven minute opening scene without any music that follows six kids as they are put through a brutal test to become obedient slaves by some distant overlord. They are forced to play Russian Roulette with live rounds, while a faceless, soldier in black armor points a gun at their heads.

Eventually one breaks and everything explodes into violence as alarms start going off and bullets fly in a chaotic mess.

After this opening segment, the music does start to kick in, turning this into a music video.

The main kid breaks free and ventures out into the forest outside of his captivity where he is greeted by signs that represent different ideals or vices of society - revolution, chance, sexy and privilege. Things start to get murkier as the kid joins some a group of other kids who possibly also escaped, living a free-spirited lifestyle out in the wilderness away from the cities and confines of normal life.

Like all videos with a complex story that has more questions than answers, watch all the way to the end.

This is the latest song to get a visual from ZHU's debut artist album GENERATIONWHY. He has created very visceral videos that can be bloody and hone in on the animalistic nature of the human experience, such as the videos put out during the Genesis Series.

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