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Azealia Banks Reportedly Swore at Photographer Following Court Date for Assault Charges

by Cailey Lindberg   Nov 30, 2016 16:27 PM EST

Azealia Banks reportedly swore at a photographer following a court date for assault this past Tuesday (Nov. 29).

Banks had the Manhattan court date on assault and disorderly charges stemming from an incident in 2015, where the “212” rapper reportedly bit a female bouncer on the breast.

Page Six reported that the rapper swore at a paparazzi when she was told that her car had arrived.

“You’re a sh*thead! You’re a f*cking a**hole!” the rapper reportedly said, to which he replied “You’re welcome.”

Banks also recently caused a scene by celebrating Donald Trump’s win on Instagram earlier this month, saying that she felt “f*cking proud as f*ck” that he had beaten Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Banks never seems to have any shortage of controversy, and following an alleged Russell Crowe assault, will not be signing a record deal with RZA. She is backing out of the deal because the rapper did not support her side of the story.

E! News reported a Facebook post from Banks that read, “To recap my night, I went to a [party] at Russell Crowe’s suite, at which he called me a n - - - - r, choked me, threw me out and spat at me.” The post has since been deleted from her social media account.

But party sources reported that it was in fact Banks who had antagonized Crowe, laughing at his music and calling his guests “boring white men.” Following this, Crowe called security to have her escorted from the party and put her in a bear hug.

RZA had said that Banks is “full of it” and was the one using the n-word at the party. When she was called by his representatives to finalize the deal, she backed out because he didn’t support her version of the story.

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