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Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé: ‘x’ Artist Claims ‘Drunk in Love’ Singer ‘Controls All Women’, Prefers Mrs. Carter’s Booty To Iggy Azalea’s [WATCH]

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Jul 11, 2014 11:01 AM EDT

Ed Sheeran Performs On NBC's "Today" (Photo : Jemal Countess)

Fresh off the incredibly popular release of his second studio album, x, England's own Ed Sheeran appears to be on top of the world. He's broken records, topped charts and even played for sold out crowds on live television. Recently, he made a stop over at the Power 96.1 Morning Show in Atlanta to discuss his music and maybe a little booty as well.

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The below video shows Sheeran sitting comfortably amongst the Power 96.1 crew. He's asked a simple question: "Pick a booty: Iggy Azalea or Beyoncé." Almost instantaneously, like he was mesmerized by Mrs. Carter herself, Sheeran answers, "Beyoncé."

And why? Well, "because Beyoncé controls all women," he says. "Beyoncé owns women around the world."

The "Don't" singer explained that all women around the world are convinced that Beyoncé does, in fact, have the best butt. Which he confirmed when asking one of the female interviewers. He added, "Beyoncé controls women! Beyoncé just has this thing where women want to be her. They want to think like her. They want to do the things that she does."

Sheeran went on to tell a story of a house party he hosted, on the same day Beyoncé's newest album dropped, in which all of the female guests gathered in a room to listen to the album all the way through. So, even though the "Drunk in Love" singer may have ruined Sheeran's party, he still believes she has the best booty around.

Check out the musician's Beyoncé talk on Power 96.1 below:

As a bonus, watch Sheeran's cover of "Drunk in Love":

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