Electronic music YouTube channel Proximity has officially launched a record label after years of growing into one of YouTube's largest music channels. For its first release, Proximity has partnered with Steve James & Morgan Page for the two producer's new song "Candles."

The song itself isn't the most inventive in the world, using vocal chops during the drop and incorporating some dancehall influences in the rhythm, but the vocal is solid and overall it is a well-produced piece of modern dance-pop.

The move to create a label is something that Proxmity founder Blake Coppleson has been looking to do for quite sometime and he hopes to keep open-source spirit of the YouTube channel with the label.

"To be able to move Proximity as a brand far beyond a YouTube channel is mind blowing to me," says founder and director Blake Coppleson in a statement. "Music is the reason why I switched my career path to focusing 100% on Proximity, and I want to give back to you, the fans, the content creators, and the people who just want to listen to good music for continuing to support Proximity as a brand. To be able to control the music that goes on Proximity, as well as allowing content creators to use music in their videos for free without having their videos taken down due to copyright strikes, this is why I am moving in this direction!"

"Candles" can be picked up at your favorite digital music retailer here and streamed in full below.