Tragedy has struck another music event. BPM Festival, a 10-day celebration of electronic music in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico was coming to a close last night at the Blue Parrot Beach Blub when a "lone gunman" opened fire outside of the club and killed four people and injured 12 more. That number could rise as the day goes on.

The Blue Parrot is one of the main clubs for the festival and was the site for the Elrow closing party last night with DJs like Technasia, Santé, Sidney Charles, De La Swing, George Pritatti and some special guests.

The incident took place early Monday morning.

BPM Festival has released an official statement on the matter, confirming that four are dead and another 12 are wounded with a "lone gunman" perpetrating the attack. Officials have not yet confirmed that number and some reports are indicating that up to five people have been killed.

Three members of the club security staff are among those who lost their lives in the attack trying to stop the shooter from getting into the club.

"We are overcome with grief over this senseless act of violence and we are cooperating fully with local law enforcement and government officials as they continue their investigation," reads the statement.

At press time, tt is unclear if the shooter has been apprehended, but authorities have scheduled a press conference for later today.

Video on social media shows the panic that ensued following the shooting and many others shared their thoughts and prayers for those who affected.

UPDATE: Police say that five people have been killed in the attack according to CNN. Two Canadians, one Italian and one Colombian are among the dead. 

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