Donald Trump is a man of many boasts, more than could fit into a 300-word article, but there is another he can add to his accomplishments - he is responsible for Audioslave reuniting. They aren't necessarily reuniting in his honor per se, but they are doing it with him in mind. Tom Morello's supergroup with Cypress Hill, Prophets of Rage are hosting a Anti-Inaugural Ball in Los Angeles this Friday, Jan. 20 to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump and the Audioslave reunion is the major headline.

"The Anti-Inaugural Ball is a celebration of resistance. Resistance to racism. Resistance to sexism. Resistance to homophobia. Resistance to bullying. Resistance to environmental devastation. Resistance to fascism. Resistance to Donald Trump," said Morello in a statement via Consequence of Sound.

"We are staring down the barrel of a dystopian nightmare unless we act now, unless we fight back now. We intend to create 'No Trump Zones' across the country; in our homes, our schools, our places of work, and our concert stages. Bad Presidents make for great music. Join us as we get loud and stand together to defend our rights, our country, and our planet."

The lineup isn't just an all Morello affair though. Vic Mensa, Jackson Browne, Jack Black and The Los Angeles Freedom Choir will also perform at the event. The show will happen at the Teregram Ballroom this Friday, Jan. 20 at 9 p.m. Tickets are on sale now.

Trump shouldn't be too worried though. According to him, he has the "biggest celebrities in the world" coming to his swearing in ceremony and a concert headlined by 3 Doors Down, Toby Keith on Thursday.