Greek producer, musician, composer and sound engineer Coti K has bounced around between a lot of different bands and projects over his nearly three-decade long career. His latest chapter has been to form the band The Man From Managra. The outfit released their first self-titled LP three years ago and now has another album on the way titled Half A Century Sun.

The album blends together elements of folk, rock and even a little ambient electronic as it swings back forth between certain very calm and mellow songs like "Martha's Home" or "Forgotten" and then more upbeat tracks such as "Because Of You" and "You Can Keep Your Winters."

Coti K's distant, haunting voice is a constant throughout the LP that keeps some of the same themes from the first LP, but tries to take a somewhat more buoyant view on the world. The frontman explains some of the inspiration behind the record.

"As I began working on this album, I knew I had to put the word 'Sun' in the title, as I had decided to make a sunnier, less introvert record than the first Managra album which was recorded almost in total seclusion on a Greek Island during the winter," says Coti K in a statement to Music Times. "Half a Century Sun has an expanded cast of players and two special guests: Jim White (The Dirty Three, Cat Power) and Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon). The island and the maritime themes are still there as well as the portrait of the sailor with the pipe, which still haunts this project."

The album was recorded between 2015 and 2016 on Tinos Island and Athens.

Half A Century Sun will be released on Jan. 25 through Inner Ear Records. Until then, stream the full LP below exclusively here on Music Times. Pre-order the LP here.