Taylor Swift has filed nine trademarks for use of the handle “Swifties,” used to describe her fans. The 1989 singer had a Nashville-based company named TAS Rights Management file the trademarks on Feb. 15 and 16.

There are publicly available documents on the subject, one of which includes “a website featuring non-downloadable audio recordings [and] video recordings.”

TMZ first reported that Swift would be launching her own streaming service to compete with Apple Music and Spotify. Swift has since made her music available again on Apple but her catalog was ripped from Spotify in 2014 and has remained off ever since. A source close to Billboard reported that Swift would not be launching a streaming service, but is planning on something equally profitable.

Instead of a streaming service, it has been indicated that the trademarks will be moving in the direction of computer software for mobile devices, which can be used to stream and download audio, as well as video and live recordings of performances. The trademark will also be used for computer and mobile gaming technology. In addition, the trademarks will cover live music concerts, interviews, audio recordings, videos, articles and blogs not available for download, as well as services for her fan club, including contests and sweepstakes.

But the majority of the trademarks are for retail services and merchandise, including branded guitars, picks and drumsticks, purses, bags, phone cases and sunglasses. She will also be trademarking men and women’s clothing, stationary and writing materials.

So rather than a large-scale streaming service, Swift fans are likely looking at a fan club app that is personalized and features exclusive merchandise.

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