Jhené Aiko is back with another banger. Aiko teamed up with Chris Brown for new single, Hello Ego (Don't Stop). The duo's track premiered as a DJ Target "Targo Embargo" on BBC Radio 1xtra on Friday night.

Aiko talks about the troubles she has in life but knows that she is the head of the household. She relentlessly talks about how she will hold down her family. She says, "And yeah, I know I'm supposed to be about my money, 'Cause that baby gotta eat when she get hungry. And anything my family need they get it from me, So when sh*t get ugly, I can't stop, I won't stop, I don't."

Brown has been very busy himself. Recently he released his documentary that talked about his low points, high points and overall success. Chris Brown spoke to Complex News about his documentary, Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life, where he discussed his focus behind the project. He said, "My focus is to evoke emotion, my goal is to make people be inspired. So when I do music now, that's my goal. I can only depict the stories that I've been through, so a lot of my songs tie into my actual reality of my life."

Aiko's most recent interview with The Breakfast Club revealed how much she has come in tuned with herself. This is evident throughout the music she creates. She said, "I am just really into expressing myself. This year, I just want to show every side of me. I really want to dive into who I am, which I feel like I've been doing since I first started. Obviously, I'm getting older and I feel like I'm more in tune with who I am and less afraid to express every side of myself."

Check out the dope song from the duo below.