Kanye West filed a lawsuit against Lloyd’s of London after it refused to pay out following his mental breakdown which led to the cancellation of his Saint Pablo Tour in November. Now, the insurance company has filed a countersuit against Kanye’s company Very Good Touring.

New documents relative to the countersuit hint that Kanye caused his breakdown and it was “fueled by prescription drugs and illegal drugs.” The insurers also claim that Kanye, 40, refused to produce information needed for them to determine whether to cover his losses.

Lloyds didn’t specifically say that the rapper was using drugs and alcohol. They did hint, though, that something Kanye did triggered the policy exclusions that refer to using substances. Lloyds wants a ruling in their favor that they are free to not pay Kanye.

Kanye’s lawyer Howard King dismissed the Lloyd’s countersuit as “the same generic response Lloyd's files when they don't want to honor a legitimate claim but can't find a factual basis to deny the claim.” The rapper’s lawsuit claimed Lloyd’s was delaying paying out because they believed that his breakdown was triggered by his drug use, specifically marijuana reports TMZ.

 Kanye is seeking $10 million in damages. He filed a loss claim just days after suffering a mental breakdown which resulted in the cancellation of 21 dates for his concert tour. Kanye then checked into a psychiatric hospital reports Mail Online. More than eight months since filing his claim, he nor Very Good Touring’ Inc., have not been paid by the insurers.

Kanye’s doctor in the psychiatric hospital had already provided a sworn testimony that he was unfit to perform onstage. He also agreed to an independent medical examination by a doctor chosen by the insurance company following his breakdown. The results also declared Kanye unfit to perform.

The lawsuit alleged that Lloyd’s amended the terms of its coverage in an effort to avoid pay-out of the insurance claim. Kanye’s lawsuit also accuses the insurance company of leaking damaging information about him to the media all in an effort to avoid paying out his insurance. Kanye’s legal team says that what happened to Kanye should serve as a warning to musicians who are considering hiring Lloyd’s of London in the future.