Keyshia Cole owes a woman a hefty sum of more than $100,000 for assault and battery charges. The incident allegedly happened in 2014 at Bryan Williams aka Birdman's home.

Cole's three-year legal battle with Sabrina Mercadel, the alleged victim, has finally come to an end. The lawsuit ended in a default judgment after the singer failed to appear in court. Cole has been ordered to pay Mercadel $100,635 for the attack, which reportedly transpired three years ago at Birdman's condominium in Los Angeles.

The victim alleged that the singer attacked her. The incident happened in September 2014. Cole arrived at Birdman's unit in the middle of the night and saw Mercadel. She reportedly accused the Cash Money CEO, whom she was dating at the time, of cheating on her. Cole then went into a fit of rage.

Mercadel was on the receiving end of Cole's rage. The victim alleged that the "Heaven Sent" singer punched her in the face and clawed her face and mouth with her nails. Mercadel complained that the singer also yanked her hair. The attack resulted in the woman losing the use of a finger. It also left her with bruises and marks on her face. Birdman also broke up with Cole following the incident.

It turned out that Mercadel has been a long time employee of Cash Money Records. She pressed charges and filed a lawsuit for punitive damages. She sued Cole for intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, premises liability, and negligence.

Mercadel sued the "You" singer for a reported $4 million. However, the amount dropped to $100, 635 after Cole failed to attend a court hearing. Regardless, the final judgment still worked in Mercadel's favor.

It was also during this time that the 36-year-old television personality spent 30 days behind bars. Mercadel's lawsuit alerted authorities to Cole's past misdemeanor of reckless driving. Police checked her file and discovered a 2002 warrant for a DUI (drinking under the influence), which was previously not pursued. Authorities inevitably arrested the singer and record producer and locked her up in jail.

Cole and her representative have yet to release a statement about the alleged lawsuit and the reported $100,635 payment for Mercadel. Cole does not appear to be too bothered by the media attention that these past charges have brought on her if her recent tweet is any indication.

Cole may still be in a festive mood. After all, she recently released a new album called 11:11 Reset in October. The 11-track project features a number of rappers including DJ Khaled, Young Thug, French Montana, and Kamaiyah.