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Music Times Congratulates ‘Camplified Summer Concert Tour’ Contest Winners: COUNCIL

by   Jul 16, 2014 15:09 PM EDT

Just last winter, Music Times introduced you to our Camplified Summer Concert Tour contest, which promised to feature one act on the Camplified tour this summer and allow them the opportunity to play for a number of different summer camp audiences at each stop along the tour.

Well, the brutal winter has passed and we're well into the (also brutal) summer season. And after digging through lists of wonderfully talented musicians, MT is happy to announce that we've found the winners of our contest: Council.

Alongside Camplified, MT is excited to be bringing these musicians to active camp audiences made up largely of tween and teenaged crowds. As the one-day festival rolls through the list of summer camps, Council is being introduced to new audiences at each and every stop, allowing the younger generation the very lucky chance to witness the "next big thing" in music.

Council is a trio of brothers made up of Pat, Doug and Andy Reeves. Together, the group chose to toss away their native farm lives, go for the gold and emerse themselves in their music. Obviously, the results speak for themselves. The group has proved to establish a definitive sound that is both original and inspiring.

Since initiating Council, the band has performed all over the east coast and gained the attention of The All American Rejects and The Kooks – both of whom they have opened up for in the past. Such a benchmark has raised the eyebrows of the music industry and garnered the outfit a cavalcade of loyal fans ... with more undoubtedly coming from their current Camplified tour.

At present, the group is working on their debut album –– dropping soon!

As of this reporting, the band has made five stops on their 8-date Camplified tour, performing at Camp Northpoint in Rochester, NY; Greenwood Trails in Winsted, CT; Camp Arrowhead in Pittsford, NY; Camp Iroquois in Manilus, NY; and Camp Laurelwood in Madison, CT. The group has three more stops on the calendar before the end of the tour, with more possibly being added. They'll be playing at the YMCA South Coast in New Bedford, MA, on Thursday, July 17; Beth Sholom in Roslyn Heights, NY, on Friday, July 18; and round out their tour at Sesame Rockwood in Blue Bell, PA, on Monday, July 21.

Along their way, Council has been journaling their experiences on the tour via social media, photographs and details about each show. Blogging content coming directly from the band will soon be available, but for now, enjoy the below photos from their Camplified tour!

Aside from Council, the current Camplified tour consists of the likes of The Romantic Era, Bad Seed Rising, Go Down Moses, Lanz Pierce and Luke Potter.

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