Katie Lowes recently opened up about what happened to her character, Quinn, in Thursday's episode of Scandal season 7. The actress also talked about Quinn and Olivia's (Kerry Washington) relationship.

In "Good People," it was revealed that Rowan (Joe Morton) did not kill Quinn. Olivia's dad simply kidnapped her and made it seem as though she was already dead. Lowes said that she knew her character would not be killed off in episode 9. However, this does not mean that Quinn is already safe.

Lead character Olivia went to her dad's house and discovered that he has been keeping Quinn there. The latter was able to escape from the bunker, which resulted in Rowan getting pissed. During Olivia and Rowan's altercation, the lead character "allowed" Rowan to shoot Quinn. Olivia initially thought that Quinn was dead, and she seemed fine with it.

The Gladiators soon found out that Quinn is alive, but they were also disappointed at Olivia for allowing Rowan to "kill" Quinn. Lowes said that she does not think her character will still be able to forgive Olivia.

"Olivia has done some pretty messed up things in the past and the audience always seems to be on her side. She's such a fan-favorite and she's so loved. I mean, this will probably really test people. But I don't know," said Lowes.

The 36-year-old actress admitted that she has no idea what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Scandal. The cast members of the hit ABC television series have not filmed the finale episode either. Lowes also said that she is unaware of executive producer Shonda Rhimes' intentions.

"But as far as Team Olivia and Quinn? And them working together and being okay? I don't think that, that — that just might not be possible," said the actress.

Katie Lowes Welcomes First Child

Lowes was already nine months pregnant when she filmed the very physical scene with Washington and Morton. The actress said that the execs of Scandal made her feel at peace by making sure that a medic was on set at all times. Days after filming "Good People," Lowes gave birth to her first child — a boy — with her husband, Adam Shapiro.

Following Albee's birth, Lowes shared a photo of her son's adorable feet on her social media account. The announcement came on a Thursday, which is also happens to be Scandal day.