Slipknot wants to stop performing with Foo Fighters according to Shawn "The Clown" Crahan, as the band doesn't want to alienate their fans.

During a recent talk at the Pollstar Live! event, Crahan said that every band has a unique appeal to different audiences. The musician shared that his kids do not want him to keep playing with the Foo Fighters, and with good reason.

"If we play alongside Foo Fighters we are going to get new fans, I agree with that. I love that. But I'm worried about the kid that won't come to the show because we're playing with the Foo Fighters. He wants to know why we're not playing with Nine Inch Nails. Those kids tell all of us what they want," said Crahan.

The 48-year-old record producer also said that he does not need new fans. What he needs are fans that have anxiety. They want fans whose parents are going through a divorce or those with social and gender problems.

Shawn Crahan Talks About Slipknot's Sixth Album

Last year, Crahan also talked about Slipknot's upcoming projects and said that they have a lot of things in store for their fans. Crahan's announcement came just days after Corey Taylor said that the band was not doing anything.

Crahan said that he and his bandmates will not wait until Taylor is ready to work again. In the same way that no one will wait for him to finish directing a movie. Slipknot will not also wait for anyone who wants to prioritize going on tour with someone else over releasing new songs.

Will 'The Clown' Leave His Band?

The musician revealed that he and his bandmates reunite every three to four months to work on new music together. At the time of his interview, Slipknot had a total of 27 new materials in the works. In December, Crahan hinted at the possibility of Slipknot's sixth album being his last.

"This could be it for me," said Crahan.

Other than Crahan and Taylor, Slipknot also features Jim Root, Mick Thomson, Sid Wilson, Chris Fehn, Jay Weinberg, Alessandro Venturella, and Craig Jones. The heavy metal band was founded in September 1995. A year later, they released their first album called Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. Some of the group's most famous songs include "Duality," "Snuff," "Before I Forget," "Wait and Bleed," "Spit It Out," and "Dead Memories."