Glastonbury, the England-based music festival, wants to be a little more environmentally friendly. The event will ban plastic bottles from the venue starting 2019.

No Plastics

The festival, instead, encourages attendees to purchase refillable stainless steel bottles that will be available on site for £10 (around $14) and use the 400 water taps around the camp. Each year, the music festival attracts hundreds of thousands of people, and attendees usually leave around 1 million plastic bottles inside the venue. Last year, it took 1,300 volunteers to clean up and recycle the mess.

"There's lots going on at the moment," said organizer Emily Eavis. "We're working on banning plastic bottles. It is an enormous project, it's taking a lot of time to tackle it with all the different people we work with. That's the big project at the moment, to get rid of plastic bottles across the whole site."

Glastonbury is among the most popular music festivals in the world. However, this year, there will be no show to prevent serious damage to the venue which is a working dairy farm. The festival will return next year.

Michael Eavis hinted in a previous interview that they already booked three musical acts who have never played at the music festival before. The Spice Girls were rumored to reunite at next year's show, although the popular '90s group has not confirmed anything as of the moment.

Last year's performers include Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, The National, The XX, Lorde, and The Cinematic Orchestra.

Dragged Into An Ugly Scandal

Recently, Glastonbury also had to answer to sexual harassment allegations made to Oxfam, a partner charity. In the past few months, the organization faced more than 120 cases of sexual harassment. Whistleblowers revealed that some volunteers were not vetted for past criminal records.

Emily said that they stand by Oxfam with which the festival struck a partnership deal back in 1993. Over their almost 30 years of partnership, Glastonbury has raised over £6 million (around $8.4 million) for the organization that aims to alleviate poverty.

The festival organizer said that they were horrified to hear about the number of accusations made against volunteers of Oxfam, but they already received assurance that the organization has taken proper measures to address the situation. She also argued that abuse of power is a problem that exists in many aspects of the society.

"So we would like to pledge our continued support for Oxfam and the brave and vital work which it undertakes," she stated. "Oxfam do outstanding work all over the world and we firmly believe that the good does still far outweigh the appalling behavior of the few whose actions have caused such harm."