Speedy Ortiz will release their third LP, Twerp Verse, soon. Before that, however, here's a sample of the indie rock band's anticipated album.

On Wednesday, Feb. 21, their record label Carpark released the music video for the lead single "Lucky 88." Based on the new track, the Massachusettes-born group will be heading towards a synth-heavy new sound.

Man v. Machine

The music video directed and produced by Emily Yoshida, a movie critic, explores the anxiety and apathy in a life full of nothing but empty pursuits like temporary passion with a man from a hookup site, television trash, and unnecessary purchases. The video uses an increasing amount of green sludge to reflect how the pursuit of mindless indulgence can only turn people apathetic until, one by one, everyone has been devoured by this goo.

The song itself is an anthem of apathy as the band's vocalist and frontdemon, Sadie Dupuis, repeatedly declares in the song's chorus, "I don't care anymore. I swear I don't care anymore."

'Twerp Verse'

The indie rock band has been working on their third full-length album since the fall of 2016. However, they eventually scrapped those tracks after the presidential election, realizing that they needed to release a more socially-conscious record.

"The songs on the album that were strictly personal or lovey-dovey just didn't mean anything to me anymore — that's not the kind of music I've found healing or motivating in the past few years, and I was surprised I'd written so much of it," stated Dupuis. "Social politics and protest have been a part of our music from day one, and I didn't want to stop doing that on this album."

Twerp Verse will have a total of 11 tracks including "Lucky 88." The LP will not be released until the end of April.

In a press release, Dupuis explained that the album's title refers to a moment wherein a musician who performs in somebody else's track does something very different, comparing it to a Lil Wayne verse, that becomes the song's most important part.

"The record is our own twerp verse," she added, "for those instances when you desperately need to stand up and show your teeth."

Track List

1. "Buck Me Off"

2. "Lean In When I Suffer"

3. "Lucky 88"

4. "Can I Kiss You?"

5. "Backslidin'"

6. "Villain"

7. "I'm Blessed"

8. "Sport Death"

9. "Alone With Girls"

10. "Moving In"

11. "You Hate The Title"

To promote Twerp Verse  Speedy Ortiz will also go on a North American tour that will kick off on May 3 in Connecticut and end in June in Indiana.

The "Raising the Skate" singers will also perform at the SXSW in Texas in March.