February 25, 2018 / 8:08 AM

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WATCH: Pharrell Williams, Miley Cyrus 'Come Get It Bae' Music Video Features Good Times and Dancing


Pharrell Williams and Miley Cyrus want you to "Come Get It Bae." Today (July 22), the pop megastars and noted friends/collaborators released a new music video for the third G I R L single "Come Get It Bae," and it's all about shaking your groove thang.

Following on the visual themes of his G I R L album cover and official visual for "Marilyn Monroe," Pharrell's music video for "Come Get It Bae" backs away from the focus on the "Happy" singer and instead turns the camera around to a group of women.

"Beauty Has No Expiration Date," the video so boldly claims at its beginning in stark red letters... but all the dancers are pretty, thin young 20-somethings soooo...

Regardless of the video's lack of body or age diversity, "Come Get It Bae" does show off a celebratory good time. The featured females all seem to be dancers, attempting to maybe get a spot on Pharrell Williams' new music video for "Come Get It Bae..." They each take their turn performing a sort of sexy, kind of goofy, semi-literal dance along to the song while Pharrell films them with what appears to be some sort of novelty camera.

At times, he joins them in the revelry, others he's just watching like a budding cinematographer.

Featured artist Miley Cyrus comes into play in the music video mostly for her solo verse (not choruses) when she and Pharrell do a less choreographed and far sillier dance together. There's lots of old-timey goof moves, wagging tongues and wild style leg kicks.

Even if everyone is astonishingly good looking, this music video is nothing but pure fun.

Watch the official visual for "Come Get It Bae" below:

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