Camila Cabello tells her fans that she has been struggling with OCD for years now. The singer said that it was only after she had been diagnosed with the illness that she began to feel better about it.

The 21-year-old "Havana" singer graced the cover of Cosmopolitan's June issue. Within the pages of the magazine, Cabello acknowledged how weird OCD can be.

"Everybody has different ways of handling stress. And, for me, if I get really stressed about something, I'll start to have the same thought over and over again," said Cabello.

After her diagnosis, Cabello learned how to come to terms with the disorder. She was able to step back from it and ultimately felt better while doing so.

Camila Cabello To Tour With Taylor Swift

During the same interview, Cabello opened up about her upcoming tour with Taylor Swift. She said that she loves the "Red" singer so much because they always talk about boys.

However, there is one thing that Cabello is not looking forward to whenever she goes on tour. She said that she dislikes being away from her family. In fact, she loves them so much that she will never consider moving to Los Angeles and be away from them for a long period of time.

No Regrets About Leaving Fifth Harmony

Cabello also dished on her decision to leave Fifth Harmony in December 2016 to pursue her solo career. She said it was something that she did not regret.

"It still feels really good. I loved making all the decisions because the product was something that was fully representative of me. It's like making yourself coffee or breakfast. It tastes better than going to a restaurant because it's yours because you made it. That's what it felt like for me," said Cabello.

Since leaving Fifth Harmony, the award-winning singer has already released a handful of hits, namely "Never Be the Same," "Bad Things," "Consequences," and more.

Camila Cabello Says 'Music Is My Life' 

Despite her recent success, Cabello said that she is still struggling with the stigma that comes with her fame. She added that her goal is not to make money as she doesn't want radio stations to play her songs because they are profitable.

She said that music does not equate to business because it is her life. Her goal is just to make enough money to support herself and her family, and she believes she has been blessed to do that for them.