Sam Smith is not too proud of his earlier works and he is going to do everything he can to prevent it from coming out.

The singer-songwriter is known for his perfectly-crafted, heart-touching lyrics, but that isn't always the case. Smith wrote some old songs that were not on par with the quality of his more recent releases as revealed in a lawsuit he filed against his former record label, Flipbook Music.

Sam Smith Sues Record Label

According to The Sun, the 25-year-old is currently in the middle of a legal battle against the company to stop them from releasing two albums that feature tracks he recorded before he became a world-renowned pop superstar. The publication described the songs as "cheesy."

"Sam has worked tirelessly on his pop star image, pouring his heart and soul into two ­official albums he is proud of and ­honing his hunky new look," an unnamed source revealed.

The insider also revealed that Smith and Flipbook Records parted ways in bad terms. The "Writings on the Wall" singer did not have creative control over his own music under the record label. He also felt that they did not really represent him as an artist.

Now, his previous work will likely be released without his control and permission. Smith is doing everything that he can to prevent it from happening.

"That was in 2008, but ­Flipbook isn't backing down and Sam is doing everything in his power to block the release," said the tabloid's informant. "It's been tough — things have got very messy."

Smith has been battling Flipbook Records for his old music for more than two years now. Back in 2016, the record label announced the release of the Grammy-winning singer's unofficial first studio album titled Diva Boy.

They also released the song "Momentarily Mine" as the lead single without his consent.

Yahoo! added that Flipbook Music claims responsibility for the overnight success of the singer, whose talents were honed under their management. This, it said, allowed him to be spotted by his new label Capitol Records.

Smith was signed to Flipbook Music from 2007 to 2010.

Sam Smith And Logic Collaborate

Despite his legal battle, the Academy Award winner continues to make great music. He recently filmed a music video for the new song "Pray" by Logic, which was finally dropped on Monday, May 14.

Directed by Joe Connor, the video was shot at the Villa Erba in Italy. It featured Smith in crisp, fashionable suits walking the in the elegant property.

Butterflies, dancers in masks, and a whole lot of fantastic elements make the music video exciting.

Watch "Pray" below.