Sheryl Crow drops a new song called "Wouldn't Want To Be Like You." The track serves as her collaboration with St. Vincent.

The song features Crow's signature vocals over a swaggering hip-hop drum groove and guitars sounds. St. Vincent backs Crow as the co-lead vocals on the song. The singer's distorted guitar tone is also featured heavily throughout the song. The full version of the song is now available on Spotify.

"Wouldn't Want To Be Like You" is featured in Crow's forthcoming album. Details like tracklist, collaborators, and release date are still being kept under wraps. Her untitled 11th studio album will serve as a follow up to 2017's Be Myself.

The tracks featured in Be Myself are "Alone In The Dark," "Halfway There," "Long Way Back," "Be Myself," "Roller Skate," "Love Will Save the Day," "Strangers Again," "Rest of Me," "Heartbeat Away," "Grow Up," "Woo Woo," "Disappearing World" (Be Myself outtake), "The World You Make," and "Long Way Back" (acoustic version).

Sheryl Crow Talks About St. Vincent

Prior to the release of "Wouldn't Want To Be Like You," Crow revealed that she personally reached out to St. Vincent to work with her on the song. Crow told St. Vincent that she wants her to give her song St. Vincent's signature twist. Following their conversation, Crow sent St. Vincent a copy of the song.

"And I sent it to her, and her response was, 'F***, yeah.' That was a direct quote, as only Annie Clark can respond, which I loved. She did all kinds of stuff on it, and we pretty much used all of it," said Crow.

St. Vincent Gushes Over Sheryl Crow

St. Vincent also expressed her gratitude to Crow for tapping her to sing on "Wouldn't Want To Be Like You." On her Twitter account, the singer also called the artist a wonderful singer, player, songwriter, and a rad woman.

In related news, "Wouldn't Want To Be Like You" is not St. Vincent and Crow's first collaboration. The two female artists previously sang Crow's hit song, "Riverwide," during her concert at the Pegi Young's Bridge School Benefit concert.

Sheryl Crow's Achievements

Crow is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and actress. Her full name is Sheryl Suzanne Crow. Some of her other hit songs are "All I Wanna Do," "If It Makes You Happy," and "My Favorite Mistake."

The singer has garnered nine Grammy Awards out of her 32 nominations throughout the span of her music career.