Norah Jones has dropped a new song called "It Was You." The track is the second single that the singer released since her 2016 album Day Breaks.

The over five-minute audio recording was released on YouTube on Friday. The entire track features Jones's signature soothing tone.

Her low-key track is accompanied by the sound of the piano that is also being played by the singer. Drummer Brian Blade, bassist Christopher Thomas, organist Pete Remm, and trumpeter Dave Guy also contributed to "It Was You."

New Album Release Date

In June, Jones released "My Heart Is Full." The track served as her collaboration with Thomas Bartlett. As of late, the singer has not yet talked about her forthcoming album, but the fact that she unveiled two songs suggests that she will be releasing a full compilation in the coming months.

Her 2016 album Day Breaks featured the songs "Burn," "Tragedy," "Flipside," "It's A Wonderful Time For Love," "And Then There Was You," "Don't Be Denied," "Day Breaks," "Peace," "Once I Had A Laugh," "Sleeping Wild," "Carry On," and "Fleurette Africaine."

Singer Talks About 'Day Breaks'

Following the album's release, Jones talked about Day Breaks and said that it is a continued evolution and not a throwback album. Day Breaks was likened to Jones' debut album, and it features nine originals and six covers.

"The goal was to do everything live, get really good takes. When you have great musicians there's no reason to overdub. That strips the soul out of the music," said Jones.

Norah Jones Professional Career

Jones is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. The singer launched her solo music career in 2002 with the release of Come Away With Me. The album was certified Diamond after it sold 27 million copies. Since then, Jones has already received several awards, and she has also sold more than 50 million records worldwide.

Billboard named her as the top jazz artist of the 2002 to 2009 decade. Jones has also won nine Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best New Artist.

In 2004, Jones released her second studio album Feels Like Home. She followed it up with her 2007 album Not Too Late, as well as 2009's The Fall. In 2012, she unveiled Little Broken Hearts.

Other than her impressive music career, Jones has also tried her luck in acting. In 2007, she starred in My Blueberry Nights.