Paying forward does pay off. Taylor Swift, out of sincere appreciation to the frontliners battling the dreaded coronavirus, gave a surprise birthday gift to a nurse working in New York.

Whitney Hilton, a Swiftie fan from Utah, took to Twitter on May 3 as her public gesture to thank the pop superstar for the surprise goodies with Swift's letter to celebrate her 30th birthday. She posted photos of the special Lover merchandise she received, along with the handwritten note from the singer/songwriter, as the nurse felt the need to "publicly thank Taylor Swift." Hilton, on her tweet, said, "This was quite literally the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE" with a heart-eyed emoji. 

After the birthday wishes on the note she received, Swift said she wanted to send Hilton presents and to let her know that she is grateful to the Utah nurse. She wrote, "I can't thank you enough for risking your life to help people," and she further added the nurse's effort in "spreading the message loudly that people need to hear."

Taylor also has seen Hilton's posted photos on Twitter, where the nurse attended one of her shows. The Grammy-winning singer showed her appreciation by thanking the Swiftie fan. "I would love to give you a hug next time, and thank you in person," she wrote and ended it, saying, "With love and admiration, Taylor." 

The "Nurse by Day, SWIFTIE always" Hilton works at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah. She heeded the call to provide backbone support to the toxic healthcare situation in New York City, which is the epicenter of the COVID-19 cases in the U.S. Hilton served at Northwell Health's Long Island Jewish Medical Center where, according to her, the "nurses are burned out." She returned home to Utah just in time to celebrate her 30th birthday and her homecoming. 

The unselfish "pay-it-forward" act of Hilton caught the attention of the emphatic "Lover" singer, and the Swiftie nurse was paid back in return more than she could ever have expected. See her reaction during the unboxing of the surprise package which she posted on Twitter:

Hilton wrote her first-hand experience of helping out in a blog post published by Intermountain Healthcare in April.  Calling the fight with the coronavirus "a modern war," she described her work in New York as a humbling and incredible experience.  For her,  she considered it as the most difficult thing she had done but added, "equally the most rewarding."

The Swiftie nurse sent a shout out to her Utah hometown that the coronavirus pandemic is a community concern and must be taken seriously. Seeing it for herself, she encouraged, "you'd do ANYTHING humanly possible to prevent it."

Taylor Swift has been known to silently support her loyal fans during this time of the pandemic. The singer has been gifting financial assistance, particularly those who had lost their means of livelihood caused by the lockdown. She has been vocal about her appreciation to the first responders for their unselfish sacrifices.