For vinyl record collectors out there, if you are looking for ways on how to maintain a clean, clear surface for your LP's, make sure to use reliable cleaning materials and cleaning sets.  Choose from several featured products in Amazon that have good reviews and ratings.  Here are three  items that are available for your taking: 

Record Washer System by Spin-Clean 

Record Washer
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The easy-to-use kit deeply cleans both sides of the vinyl simultaneously.  It does not require power or any installation.  It can clean all types of vinyl - 33, 45, and 78 rpm records and can last up to 700 cleaned vinyl records.  The kit is easy to store with its compact size.  Spin-Clean uses specially formulated non-alcohol, new MK3 vinyl record cleaning fluid.  The kit includes a patented vinyl record washer basin and lid, one 4 oz. record cleaning fluid, one pair of premium brushes, one pair of durable rollers to fit LPs, 45s and 78 RPMs, and two super soft, lint-free drying cloths.  The item is made in the U.S.A. and has a limited lifetime warranty along with an Amazon purchase.  The deep groove record cleaning helps to reduce the sounds of pops and crackles.  It may be able to fix skips that bugged you for years.  Many reviewers are highly satisfied with how the product truly cleaned their collection of records.  One customer mentioned that the records looked brand new after using the kit.

Retro Musique LP Cleaning Kit

Retro Musique
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The kit is the most complete set with every essential needed to keep vinyl records in perfect condition.  It will not just clean the records to be in top condition but will also improve the sound. Dust accumulated in the grooves that distort audio quality can be easily removed through the carbon fiber roller brush. With the cleaning fluid atomizer solution, micro-fiber cloth, and wet and dry cleaning tissues, you can maintain the cleanliness of the vinyl's surface and static build-up will be reduced.  The kit comes also with a style needle cleaning brush that cleans the delicate stylus and hard to reach surfaces. Satisfied customers with this set found out that it has good value for money features.  Another simply posted on the review that the item is outstanding.


Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer System

Vinyl Styl Deep Groove
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The kit is specifically designed to clean the deep grooves by combining soft, 100 percent natural goat hair brushes with the washer solution that is specially formulated. The washer system is totally self-contained and the design is stylish.  It deeply cleans 7", 10" and 12" so the types of vinyl will be given new life.  Vinyl Styl (TM) is branded as the best record washer out in the market.  One satisfied customer who gave it a five-star rating commented it as a great product with good value.  Another had written that the simple yet effective kit exceeded his expectations. The system contains one deep groove record washer reservoir with lid, one drying rack, one label protection clamp wheel, one 45rpm adapter, one washer fluid reusable funnel, one strainer, three washer fluid filters, and an instruction manual.