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George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass' to Come in Vinyl Deluxe Box Set at 50th Anniversary

George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass' to Come in Vinyl Deluxe Box Set at 50th Anniversary

Buzz 14:07PM EDT

An upcoming deluxe vinyl set is coming for George Harrison's hit album this April!READ MORE

Teenage Dream

Vinyl Records: Top 3 Katy Perry albums to keep you “Chained to the Rhythm” [Amazon]

Buzz 02:14AM EDT

Experience the pop phenomenon adored by millions of her "KatyCats" around the world. Here are the top three Katy Perry albums in vinyl record format, only on Amazon.READ MORE

Vinyl records: The Weeknd available on Amazon

Vinyl records: Explore the music of The Weeknd [AMAZON]

Exclusives 02:23AM EDT

Add a beautiful set of The Weeknd vinyl records on your collections through AMAZON.READ MORE

4 Best Vinyl Records of Celine Dion you can buy on AMAZON

Vinyl Records: Celine Dion albums that you must have [AMAZON]

Exclusives 21:22PM EDT

Check out vinyl records of Celine Dion's albums available on AMAZON.READ MORE

One Of These Nights

Vinyl Records: Eagles albums for that peaceful easy feeling [Amazon]

Exclusives 03:52AM EDT

Take your next vinyl record listening session to the limit. Here are the top three Eagles albums from Amazon for that peaceful easy feeling.READ MORE

Mailbox Money

Vinyl Records: Top 3 Nipsey Hussle albums for your own victory lap [Amazon]

Buzz 09:26AM EDT

To remember Nipsey Hussle's grind and triumph, here are his top 3 albums on Amazon, all in vinyl record format, you can play for your own victory lap.READ MORE

Vinyl Records: Taylor Swift Collections [Amazon]

Vinyl Records: The Fearless Taylor Swift Collection [Amazon]

Exclusives 05:01AM EDT

Take a journey back to all the good songs of Taylor Swift. Amazon gives you the vinyl records of Taylor Swift to complete your collection.READ MORE


Vinyl Records: Bjork Albums Filled With Big Time Sensuality [Amazon]

Exclusives 19:00PM EDT

With nine solo studio albums in her three-decade solo career, Bjork has become a global cultural icon. To better experience her unique music, here are three Bjork albums for your vinyl records collection you can get now on Amazon.READ MORE


Vinyl Record: 3 TLC Albums For Your Next Girl Talk Sessions [Amazon]

Buzz 13:00PM EDT

With hits such as "Creep," "No Scrubs," and "Waterfalls," they have become icons of girl power in the music industry. Here are the top three TLC albums, in vinyl record format, for your next girl talk sessions, now available on Amazon.READ MORE

X 100pre

4 Most Wished for Latin Pop Album to Jive With [Amazon]

Exclusives 01:41AM EDT

Latin music is now taking over the world with big acts such as Maluma, J. Balvin, or Ozuna. And so, there is no better time to start listening and dancing to these popular songs. Here are four most-wished for Latin pop vinyl records you can jive with, only on Amazon.READ MORE

Ill Communication

Vinyl Records: 4 Beastie Boys Albums Filled With Solid Gold Hits [Amazon]

Exclusives 01:01AM EDT

The Beastie Boys have proven themselves among the most influential artists of their time. To keep the party going, below are four of the best Beastie Boys albums in vinyl record format, now available on Amazon.READ MORE


Vinyl Records: 5 Beck That Will Keep You Up All Night With Beck [Amazon]

Exclusives 18:07PM EDT

Beck Hansen has been famous because of the variety of music genres he produces and performs. Here are 5 vinyl records in Amazon that will keep you 'Up All Night' with Beck.READ MORE

Record Store Day 2020

Record Store Day 2020: Watch Out For David Bowie, Britney Spears, Eminem, Billie Eilish

Buzz 03:31AM EDT

Record Store Day 2020 will now be a three-day event to support social distancing. Watch Out For David Bowie, Britney Spears, Eminem, Billie Eilish, and more. Here's a list.READ MORE

Vinyl Records

5 Reasons Why Vinyl Records Are Alive and Rising in Popularity

Exclusives 20:06PM EDT

Vinyl records are definitely on a resurgence amid the prevailing other music media.READ MORE


Outkast Vinyl Records: Get Your Speakboxxx Blasting

Exclusives 23:32PM EDT

With six Grammy Awards and multiple chart-topping hits, OutKast has become one of the largest hip-hop acts of modern times. To experience the rare musicality of André 3000 and Big Boi, here are some of the OutKast vinyl records to add to your collection.READ MORE

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