As June enters, we await one of life's essential moments. Father's Day is celebrated in the third week of this month to give honor and appreciation to our dads.

In the world of hip-hop, there are plenty of songs that deal with paternal relationships. However, more often than not, themes of several rap songs firmly deal with deep-seated anger and exasperation over an insignificant father in their personal lives.

Of course, several tracks express love for and appreciation to the man who brought us up. Let us focus on the joy of fatherhood with this hip hop song list recorded by music artists for a meaningful Father's Day celebration.

New Day - Kanye West and Jay Z (2011)

Two legend rappers come as one with the hope of having their sons in the future and how they will be raised. "I'll never let my son have an ego," both rhymed in the letter, "He'll be nice to everyone, wherever we go."

Just The Two of Us - Will Smith (1998)

Jumping off Grover Washington Jr.'s big hit with Bill Withers on the vocals, Big Willie raps about the father-son bonding moments. Smith's hip-hop version of "Just The Two of Us" peaked at No. 1 on October 10, 1998, at Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Daughters - Nas (2012)

Nas began with a chant "For my brothers with daughters, I call this," and he later talks about the challenge of bringing up her daughter Destiny. He realized that he is too cool for her and regretted not having to drive her to school. Fathers do think no guy will ever be enough for their daughters.

Glory - Jay Z (2012)

"Glory" is the celebratory rap single from Jay Z after daughter Blue Ivy came into the world. He branded it: "My greatest creation was you." He spoke of his amazing feeling of becoming a father, especially after suffering from a previous miscarriage. The hip-hop song featured the cooing sound of infant Blue.

Be a Father to Your Child - Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs (1991)

The Boston MC Ed O.G. highly emphasizes his stand for responsible parenthood to fathers-to-be. The jazzy hip hop track, considered a masterpiece, reminds his brothers that presents are not significant, but it is "the presence and essence."

Daddy's Little Baby - Ja Rule feat. Ronald Isley (2009)

Ja Rule does a pep talk to her daughter to grow up graciously and proudly as a woman of color. Expressing a father's unconditional love, the lyrics dish out, "I'll always come back to you." A daughter will always be a baby in his father's eyes - now and ever.

Letter 2 My Unborn - 2Pac (2011)

Tupac Shakur wrote a poignant and haunting song, "To my unborn child. in case I don't make it." However, the New Yorker MC did not get to see the day of having a child of his own when he was gunned down in 1996. The song was released posthumously.