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Ja Rule Dumps Fat Joe In 'Heated' VERZUZ Battle, Rappers 'Classic' Moments From Event Explored

Ja Rule Dumps Fat Joe In 'Heated' VERZUZ Battle, Rappers 'Classic' Moments From Event Explored

Buzz 10:00AM EDT

The latest episode of VERZUZ is going viral as Ja Rule takes over the stage and dumps Fat Joe over their heated battle in New York City.READ MORE

Father's Day

Father's Day: 7 Hip Hop Songs That Celebrate Dads

Exclusives 18:54PM EDT

Let us focus on the joy of fatherhood with this hip hop song list recorded by music artists for a meaningful Father's Day celebration.READ MORE


Fyre Festival Promoter Billy McFarland Spends $150,000 For Blink-182's Yacht

Festivals 06:33AM EDT

Fyre Festival co-founder Billy McFarland spent money for ludicrous expenses but left no budget for food, running water, or lavatories on the island venue of the event. He recently pleaded guilty to two accounts of wire fraud.READ MORE

Ja Rule

Ja Rule Fires Shots At 50 Cent Via Twitter, Rekindles Old Feud

Buzz 09:48AM EDT

Ja Rule fanned the flames of his longtime beef against fellow rapper 50 Cent on Twitter. With his meaningful tweets and very interesting hashtags, the hip-hop star reignited the famous feud.READ MORE

MTV Australia Video Music Awards - Show

Mark Geragos Files Lawsuit Against Ja Rule and Billy McFarland for Fyre Festival Debacle

Buzz 14:24PM EDT

Ja Rule can’t seem to get it right since the early 2000s, and the rapper is now being sued by celebrity attorney Mark Geragos along with partner Billy McFarland.READ MORE

The Samsung Studio At SXSW 2016

After Nelly, 7 Artists In Debt You Can Help By Streaming Their Music

Exclusives 18:06PM EDT

However while we are all in the giving mood, there are a few other musicians who are going through some tough times with the tax man or otherwise, so here are seven songs you all should stream so help them out.READ MORE

2016 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1 - Day 2

Ja Rule and Ashanti Change Tour’s Name to Avoid Promoting Killers

Buzz 16:32PM EDT

Ja Rule and Ashanti have decided to change the name of their tour to avoid insulting the victims of senseless violence that's currently plaguing the country. Instead of Natural Born Killers, the serious of concerts is now simply called Natural Born Tour.READ MORE

Ja Rule and Ashanti

Ashanti and Ja Rule to Celebrate Add Ventures Launch With New York City Show

Genres 16:05PM EDT

One of hip-hop’s most iconic duos is teaming back up this month for a major launch. Ja Rule and Ashanti will be hitting the stage Thursday January 14th at New York City’s Stage 48 to celebrate the official launch of Add Ventures Music. Founded by former Murder Inc VP Chris “Gotti” Lorenzo, the New York affair will be rounded out by Bronx MC Fat Joe, who is also joining them as one of the evening’s performersREAD MORE

Rapper Ja Rule onstage at the 'Girl Code Live' Season Finale Episode at MTV Studios

Ja Rule Talks White Rap Fans, N Word & Justin Bieber in New 'Vlad TV' Interview [WATCH]

Buzz 22:56PM EDT

Ja Rule might not be as prominent in the rap game as he once was, but he still has some strong opinions on the hip-hop industry. Amongst these is the use of the N word by white rap and hip-hop fans, which has been hotly debated for many years with no one on either side of the debate willing to change their positions for or against the use of the word. In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Ja Rule talks about this issue and even brings pop crooner Justin Bieber into the mix.READ MORE

Ja Rule onstage at MTV Studios on November 2, 2015 in New York City

Ja Rule Reading 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' Is The Right Way To Celebrate

Buzz 15:59PM EDT

Where in the world is Ja? It is the question everyone must ask themselves each morning and apparently the BBC was doing the same recently. They found Ja Rule are putting those talented vocal chords to good use for some Christmas cheer. They asked the "Mesmerize" rapper to read How The Grinch Stole Christmas for their listeners online and put it on YouTube for everyone to hear.READ MORE

Eminem, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre

6 Lopsided Hip-Hop Beefs: Eminem, Cassidy, El-P Eviscerate Foes

Buzz 14:43PM EDT

Meek Mill is trying to put this whole Drake beef behind him, as the latter emcee has won on every front—from diss tracks to social media—since the former decided it would be wise to accuse him of ghostwriting. We always here about the great rap rivalries—Biggie vs. Tupac, Jay vs. Nas—but we tend to forget about the emcees who get rolled over, just like what happened to Mill. We'll take the attention off of him for a while with this collection of one-sided bar-fights.READ MORE

Ja Rule at 'Follow the Rules' panel July 2015

Ja Rule Drops New Track 'Wake Up' and Beefs with 50 Cent Amid Meek vs Drake

Buzz 15:24PM EDT

Ja Rule has re-entered the fray thanks to the beef between Drake and Meek Mill. The most entertaining rap feud of 2015 has drawn comparion to the memorable beefs of yesteryear, including the one between Ja Rule and 50 Cent circa 2000. Fifteen years later, Rule and 50 are starting to trade shots again, and Rule has used the renewed exposure as opportunity to drop "Wake Up," his first release since 2012.READ MORE

Eminem and Rihanna

6 Hip-Hop Song Sans Verses for AC: Tupac, Eminem, Kanye West and More

Buzz 14:45PM EDT

Has your mother ever commented how much she enjoys the chorus to "See You Again" or "Monster," but that she really wishes Wiz Khalifa and Eminem (respectively) hadn't "ruined" the song with their raps? She's not the first. This week we found out that a revised version of the former song, featuring only Charlie Puth's hook, as well as new melodic verses in place of Khalifa's bars, has been on the rise at Adult Contemporary radio...occasionally known as "Adult Conservative." The only thing less likely to end up on AC than hip-hop is heavy metal, but as rappers frequently find themselves invited to guest on pop singles (such as Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" featuring Kendrick Lamar), labels sometimes edit the "offending" portion out, resulting in a safer, frequently less exciting product.READ MORE

Ja Rule on Fox

Ja Rule Talks Baltimore, Endorses 2016 Presidential Candidate On Fox

Buzz 11:04AM EDT

With a 24-hour news cycle, there is a lot of time to fill for cable news networks. There are only so many old reruns of sparse original programming and rehashes of the same topic by the same hosts that a channel can run. This however can lead to some pretty interesting guest spots and Fox Business decided yesterday that they were going to host Ja Rule on the program. The reason was a good one - He is the creative head of Magnises, a new company that brings together individuals who have credit cards and allows them to connect with special perks and rewards -- all for a yearly fee. However after discussing the product for a short period of time, the host decided to ask the "Mesmerize" rapper about the situation in Baltimore and what he thought about the 2016 presidential election.READ MORE

Ja Rule skipped out on Ludacris' role in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Ja Rule Reportedly Turned Down Ludacris' Role in the 'Fast & Furious' Franchise

Tv/Film 14:46PM EDT

Ja Rule, who has been seemingly absent from the rap scene for a considerable amount of time, reportedly had the opportunity to become a huge movie star. Word on web is that the rapper turned down Ludacris' role in the "Fast & Furious" franchise.READ MORE

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