A father and his child share a unique bond. No amount of hard and heavy work would keep these men from fawning over their little bundles of joy. Some fathers scream in joy. Some fathers, however, get so inspired that they immortalize their feelings in song.

Here are some of the most successful songs that these father-musicians have written for their children. 

1. "Father and Daughter" by Paul Simon (2002)

Paul Simon, half of the folk-rock legend Simon & Garfunkel, wrote "Father and Daughter" for the 2002 Nickelodeon animated film "The Wild Thornberrys Movie." In the song, Simon sings his love and support for his daughter, Lulu.

Paul Simon also proclaims in the song every doting father's oath: "There could never be a father/ Love his daughter more than I love you."

2. "Still Fighting It" (2001) and "Gracie" (2005) by Ben Folds 

No, these two songs from the former Ben Folds Five frontman are not here because of a tie. These songs don't also share a spot because they share the same artist. They're here because "Still Fighting It" and "Gracie" are two separate songs for his twins Louis Francis and Gracie Scott.

"Still Fighting It" is a bittersweet tribute Ben Folds has written, trying to explain the pains of growing up to his son. In the song, Folds also looks forward to a day when, as father and son, they can sit down and share "a few beers."

"Gracie" is a bit more upbeat and playful, reminding baby Gracie to follow daddy until she becomes a lady. He reminisces the day she was born and falling asleep in his arms, just like every daddy to their little girl.

3. "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder (1976)

One of the timeless hits that came out of Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life" was "Isn't She Lovely." It was a song celebrating her daughter, Aisha Morris, who was definitely "very lovely made from love."

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Stevie Wonder played the groovy harmonica solos in between verses. Also, the original version of the song started with the sound of a crying baby and ends with cute father-daughter bonding time.

4. "Closing Time" by Semisonic (1998)

Make a quick search about songs widely misunderstood, and Semisonic's "Closing Time" will most likely appear. One of the 90s most popular drinking songs, mostly for people who want to stay up late, is actually about frontman Dan Wilson's upcoming fatherhood.

People sing, "I know who I want to take me home" with a ride-hailing app or a coworker. Wilson, however, came up with the line waiting for his daughter Coco, who was premature. He was waiting for his baby to go with them, knowing who she wants to take her home.

5. "Forever Young" by Bob Dylan (1974)

"Forever Young" marks one of the few instances Bob Dylan bares himself and comes just as a father, although he has been quoted as saying that he didn't want "to be too sentimental." It was a lullaby written for his eldest son Jesse, who was born in 1966.

As a father, he hopes that his son remains healthy and happy. "May God bless and keep you always/ May your wishes all come true."

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