Three Generations of the Pointer Sisters
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Music is a profession like any other. And like any trade, children often follow their parents down the same path. Although music is considered more of a talent than a skill that can be taught, having the right genes certainly does help.

Some musicians we now know have been creating songs as their parents did before them. Now their children, or nephews, create music after them. Here are four examples of three generations of musicians still thriving in the massive music industry.

1. Anita - Issa - Sadako Pointer

The Pointer Sisters was first formed with June and Bonnie Pointer, later joined by Anita. In 1972, the siblings' vocal group became a quartet with sister Ruth. They have become among the queens of disco with a string of popular songs in the '70s and '80s.

While the lineup regularly changed for The Pointer Sisters, all members of the group carried the same surname. The second-generation member came in the form of Issa Kuren Edwards, daughter of Ruth Pointer and Dennis Edwards of the Temptations. Issa Pointer later gave birth to Sadako Pointer, the singer and model who regularly tours with the latest lineup of the Sisters.

2. Lionel Newman - Joe Frank Carollo - Joey Newman

One branch of the legendary Newman family of film composers maintained a career in music. From grandfather Lionel Newman to his son-in-law Frank Carollo, to grandson Joey Newman. Lionel was a pianist and conductor before heading the Music Department of 20th Century Fox for almost five decades.

Joe Frank was a bass player who performed with T-Bones in the 60s and Joe Frank & Reynolds in the 70s. As a third-generation musician, Joey is a film composer and orchestrator who worked on TV series "Providence" and "The West Wing." Also, as a part of the prestigious Newman family, Joey is a cousin to Disney-Pixar composer Randy Newman.

3. Hank - Hank Jr. - Hank Williams III

Three generations of Williams musicians have remained influential in the country music scene. Hank Williams, the founder of the Drifting Cowboys, was behind the hits "Your Cheatin' Heart" and "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry." While back pain and substance abuse problems marred his career and he passed away young, he was the country legend whose influence reached Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, and The Rolling Stones.

He was succeeded by two more Hanks, each earning prestige as an innovator in country music. Randall Hank, better known as Hank Jr., fused country with elements of Southen rock and blues. Hank Jr. pushed the conventions of the genre, and he was more than capable with his talent in many instruments.

Lastly, Shelton Hank Williams, or Hank III, pushed limits further by taking country music with heavy metal and punk rock. He plays for the punk-metal Assjack, Southern hardcore punk Arson Anthem, and Superjoint Ritual.

4. Bob - Jakob - Pablo Dylan

It's no secret that Bob Dylan, dubbed "The Voice of Generation," is a multi-media artist. The singer-songwriter behind "Like A Rolling Stone," "Mr. Tambourine Man," and "Desolation Row" is also an established author and visual artist.

Among his children is Jesse Byron Dylan, brother to Jakob Luke. Jesse has moved to filmmaking and videography, directing's 2008 Emmy Award-winning "Yes We Can." His brother, Jakob Luke, carried on the Dylan stage performance mantle, being the frontman for the Wallflowers' rock band. The Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter has created the hits "One Headlight" and "6th Avenue Heartache."

Jesse's son and Jakob's nephew, Pablo Dylan, first broke through the music scene as a rapper. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Pablo said that he had working producing for other artists. He later started sharing his music on the Internet. Pablo then switched genres and is now a folk-rock artist.

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