We often hear the adage that our parents know best. However, like any other trade, a career in the music industry is, first and foremost, a business. While not every parent has the necessary business acumen required, one can't deny that parental sense in determining what's best for their children.

While there have been parent-children relationships torn by manager-talent friction, we also can't deny that there have been artists who reached the top of the game thanks to mom and dad's strategies. For better or for worse, here are three of the most well-known parent managers who shaped their children's career

The Jackson 5, Michael, La Toya, Janet Jackson - Joe Jackson

Perhaps one of the first and the largest parent managers was Joseph Walter Jackson. Joe Jackson was the patriarch of the Jackson family of musicians. He first managed the elder sons Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine, who would start Motown's most successful act, "The Jackson 5." His younger sons Marlon and Michael, later joined the vocal group.

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As a father and manager, he supervised each of the Jackson 5's recording sessions. Establishing the Jacksons as a family of musicians, Joe later included his other children Randy, Rebbie, La Toya, and Janet perform in Las Vegas back in 1973.

From his hands-on management style, he was able to establish Janet Jackson's career as an artist when she was just 16 years old. Michael and La Toya would later find other managers for their successful solo careers.

Beyoncé, Solange - Mathew Knowles

Mathew Knowles is best known as the father and manager of Beyoncé and Solange. He also managed the girl group Destiny's Child. Mathew oversaw aspects of their careers even as the group disbanded to focus on their solo careers. This includes members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, Back in 1992, Mathew founded Music World Entertainment. He later branched his label into several imprints and inked joint ventures with other labels.

Mathew Knowles
(Photo : Mathew Knowles' Twitter Page)

He is also credited for negotiating the deal that would get Destiny's Child sign with Columbia Records. In 1999, the iconic trio of Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams broke through mainstream audiences. Even as Destiny's Child disbanded, Mathew would continue managing her daughter until 2011.

Mathew also managed Solange since her backup days for Destiny's Child until she launched her own career. In addition to her daughters' music careers, the parent manager also had a hand in their film and television appearances. He either monitored the process or directly worked as a producer.

Miley Cyrus - Tish Cyrus

Aside from being an actress and producer herself, celebrity mom Tish Cyrus also manages her daughter Miley's career. Tish formerly had two children before marrying country star Billy Ray Cyrus. Billy Ray adopted both kids and, in 1992, had their first child together, Miley.

As a parent manager, she has guided Miley Cyrus from the very start. This includes her first appearances as a child star. Miley later starred in the hit TV series "Hannah Montana." The Disney star then launched her successful solo career as an artist. 

Tish has also produced the film "The Last Song." Miley starred in the 2010 adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel. She also appeared in the movie "Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert." While the Cyrus family has gone on a couple of rough patches since the 2000s, Tish still supports and manages her daughter.