Eminem has finally responded to defuse the escalating situation with Revolt TV, following the beef from his leaked verse, Wednesday, June 24.

Slim wrote: "I agree with Revolt," continuing that the leak was an "unnecessary distraction." Em explained that he never meant to release that verse, adding that he was heated in the moment he wrote and sang it. However, he "thought better of it and decided to pull it back.

(Photo : Eminem's Twitter Account)

He then alluded that the leak was made possible due to the WeTransfer hack. In 2019, the popular file-sharing service issued a security notice. Aside from transfer e-mails being sent to the wrong recipients, it was also invaded by hackers

"I don't have any issues with Revolt," the 47-year-old hip-hop icon continued. Eminem also extended his willingness to work with Diddy's TV network to "turn this in a different direction."


Fans went to express support and admiration for Eminem's response. One Twitter user posted a gif, taken from the HBO series "Insecure," saying, "You know what that is? Growth." The user also captioned his post: "Marshall not taking the bait for the greater good."

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A Wrong Time for a Diss Track

Eminem's beef came from his alternative verse in Conway's 2019 hit track "Bang," leaked earlier this week. Eminem rapped: "Yeah, shout to Puffy Combs, but f**k Revolt." Slim continues throwing jabs, "Now I get it why our button's broke, cause you pressing the heat but do nothing though, especially when it comes to punch this throne." 


Em also took a swipe against Joe Budden. "Wasted tissue, tell this journalist stick to the stuff he know, like always running, from Migos."

On Tuesday, Revolt TV posted on Twitter: "F**k you too @Eminem." The digital television network was founded by Sean "Diddy" Combs back in 2013.

Revolt TV has also released an exclusive statement to Billboard. It asked why Eminem, who is "a guest in Black culture," thinks that he can talk down to the network, a "BLACK media company." It said that the rapper going after them is an "unneeded distraction," adding that "it is not OK."

Joe Budden on Not Getting "Offended By Old Verses"

Meanwhile, Budden has also preferred to look at the bigger picture in responding to the leak. In the latest episode of his show "The Joe Budden Podcast," the rapper-broadcaster calmly approached the matter. "Listen, I was 100 percent prepared to come on here and scream on Paul cause I thought Paul leaked this," Budden said, referring to former Def Jam CEO Paul Rosenberg. 

"I was prepared to come on here and tell Paul and Em to read the room. Now's not the time for all of that. But this is an old verse," Budden added. The former Slaughterhouse MC also agreed with Jamil "Mal" Clay, saying that "you don't get offended by old verses." He said that nobody is on beefing about the verse at this time - including him, his Slaughterhouse brothers, and even Eminem himself.

Given the current climate in the US, with the Black Lives Matter protests following George Floyd's death, Joe Budden that the leak is not where the focus is for the time being. Moving forward, Budden said: "So, nah, this is not 35-year-old Joe that's going to come and f**k everything up cause I'm mad about some old shit. I'm going to be mature - I'm 40. Great verse!"