In the Information Age, the race is mostly about giving you the most features at your greatest convenience. It has led to the rise of wearable electronics - smartwatches, wireless headphones, and of course, audio sunglasses. These wearable eyepieces have built-in earphones, wirelessly connected to your phone or music player.

These modern shades will keep your eyes protected from the sun's rays and ears from unnecessary noise. This is your next stylish companion. Get started with these top 3 audio sunglasses you must get your hands on, only on Amazon.

AcTek Bone Conduction Sunglasses

Applying one cutting-edge technology after the other, AcTek uses bone conduction to let you listen. Bone conduction refers to transmitting the sound through your skull's bones. This way, it goes directly to your inner ear instead. Conventional earpieces carry sound, through the air, traveling to your ear. What it lacks in sound quality, it makes up for comfort.

AcTek Bone Conduction Sunglasses
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Keep streaming music for up to five hours with the AcTek sunglasses, connecting to your other devices via Bluetooth. This battery life makes it suitable for long driving, hiking, or biking. Stay connected to your music, calls, or navigation software - all without having to get your hands on your phone.

Your AcTek Bone Conduction wearables are a part of a set. It comes with its own cleaning cloth, extra earplugs, and spectacle lens. AcTek sunglasses also have their USB cable for quick and easy charging. Get yours on Amazon now.

Inventiv Sport Wireless Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

Inventive caters to both men and women with its sleek frame design, each part optimized for comfort and performance. These wearable device sport a built-in Bluetooth adapter, ready to connect to both iOS and Android devices. Aside from listening to your favorite music, use this eyewear to answer your phone calls, hands-free, or receive road instructions as you jog around the neighborhood.

Inventiv Sport Wireless Sunglasses
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More than just a novelty, this Inventive Sport Audio Sunglasses is fitted with polarized lenses. It will keep your eyes safe and comfortable as it filters light. Enjoy maximum visibility without worrying about glare hindering your sight.

Its open-ear speaker system relays the sound from your phone to mini-speakers mounted in the shades. Contrary to conventional headsets and earpieces, it doesn't block your ears, allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings. Get your Inventiv set ow on Amazon, coming with a hard case to keep your glasses safe when not in use.

Bose Frames - Audio Sunglasses with Open Ear Headphones

When you hear the phrase "Bose speakers," it's your assurance of high-definition sound. Keep the high resolution in smaller earpieces, put it in a stylish, black, sports shades and you get the Bose Frames. These open-ear headphones are perfect for getting into your game. Choose between canceling everything else or staying aware of your surroundings with the right volume setting.

Bose Frames
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The integrated microphone allows you to return calls hands-free, your voice transmits with the same quality as your earpieces. Stay connected with your iOS or Android phones for up to 30 feet away with these sunglasses. Moreover, enjoy customized interface and settings through its proprietary app, the Bose Connect.

Bose Frames, now available on Amazon, come is different, stylish lenses. Choose from Rose Gold to Blue Gradient, to Mirrored Silver. All these options come with polarized lenses keeping your eyes safe from glare.

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