Celine Dion seems to have emerged as a Titan among divas of all generations. With so many achievements, Dion is deemed remarkable. If you are a Celine Dion fan, then you won't want to miss having vinyl records of her songs.

Check out our list of Celine Dion vinyl records on AMAZON.


4 Best Vinyl Records of Celine Dion you can buy on AMAZON
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Courage Colored Vinyl

The "Courage" vinyl record is a translucent ruby-colored vinyl LP in a gatefold jacket. The item includes a sixteen-page insert. "Courage" is the highly anticipated album of Celine Dion in 2019. The songs "Lying Down," "Courage," and "Imperfections" represents an exciting creative direction for Dion. The songs in "Courage" are a mix of beautiful ballads and edgy up-tempo tracks. Here is the list of songs you will surely enjoy listening in the vinyl record:

  • Flying On My Own
  • Lovers Never Die
  • Falling In Love Again
  • Lying Down
  • Courage
  •  Imperfections
  • Change My Mind
  • Say Yes
  •  Nobody's Watching
  •  The Chase
  • For The Lover That I Lost
  •  Baby
  •  I Will Be Stronger
  •  How Did You Get Here
  •  Look at Us Now
  • Perfect Goodbye

Colour Of My Love: 25th Anniversary

4 Best Vinyl Records of Celine Dion you can buy on AMAZON
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Colour Of My Love: 25th Anniversary 5th Anniversary Edition LP (12" album, 33 rpm), Import

The third English language record of Celine Dion is the "Colour of my Love." It was originally released in 1990 and produced by David Foster, Guy Roche, Walter Afanasieff, Ric Wake, and Christopher Neil. The vinyl record "Colour of My Love" celebrates Celine Dion's 25th anniversary in the music industry. The vinyl record has four tracks written by Diane Warren.

"Colour of My Love" is a the top-selling album with worldwide sales of 20 million copies. Sony Music celebrated the commemoration of Celine Dion's 25th anniversary by releasing a limited edition turquoise colored vinyl version. Since the original release in 1993, this is the first time the album has been on LP.

Loved Me Back to Life

4 Best Vinyl Records of Celine Dion you can buy on AMAZON
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Loved Me Back to Life Unknown, Import

The "Love Me Back to Life" vinyl LP includes a bonus CD edition. The 2013 album is the multi-platinum-selling and a five-time Grammy Award-winning album of Celine Dion. Loved Me Back to Life is the first English-language album of Dion in six years. The singer had the chance to work with exceptional producers and songwriters such as Diane Warren, Stevie Wonder, Eg White, Ne-Yo, Tricky Stewart, Babyface, Daniel Merriweather, Play Production, Audra Mae Butts, Jannis Ian, Eman, Andrew Goldstein, Danny Mercer, Jessi Alexander, Kuk Harrell, Walter Afanesieff, Saffer Smith, Tommy Lee James, Corporal, Dani Parish, Andrew Hollander, and Arron Pearce. Let's proceed in naming the songs you will love to hear:

  • Loved Me Back to Life
  • Somebody Loves Somebody
  • Incredible - Céline Dion duet with Ne-Yo
  •  Water and a Flame
  • Breakaway
  • Save Your Soul - Celine Dion feat. Malcolm Kelley
  • Didn't Know Love
  • Thank You
  • Overjoyed - Céline Dion duet with Stevie Wonder
  •  Thankful
  • At Seventeen
  •  Always Be Your Girl
  • Unfinished Songs
  •  Loved Me Back to Life
  •  Somebody Loves Somebody
  •  Incredible - Céline Dion duet with Ne-Yo
  •  Water and a Flame
  •  Breakaway
  • Save Your Soul
  • Didn't Know Love
  •  Thank You
  •  Overjoyed - Céline Dion duet with Stevie Wonder
  • Thankful
  • At Seventeen
  • Always Be Your Girl
  •  Unfinished Songs

Falling Into You

4 Best Vinyl Records of Celine Dion you can buy on AMAZON
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Falling Into You LP (12" album, 33 rpm)

"Falling Into You" is a double-vinyl LP, including a digital download. This album is the fourth English-language studio album by Celine Dion released on March 8, 1996, by Columbia/Epic Records. "Falling into You" showed intense progress of the music made by Dion. Throughout her project, Dion collaborated with Jim Steinman, who wrote and produced the song "All Coming Back to Mo Now," among others. Several songs were produced by David Foster, including "Because You Loved Me."

"Falling into You" is a collaration between Celine Dion and a variety of songwriters and musicians. The vinyl record includes the songs such as:

  •  It's All Coming Back to Me Now
  • Because You Loved Me
  • Falling Into You
  • Make You Happy
  • Seduces Me
  • All By Myself
  •  Declaration Of Love
  • Dreamin' Of You
  • I Love You
  •  If That's What It Takes
  • I Don't Know
  • River Deep, Mountain High
  •  Your Light
  • Call The Man
  •  Fly