Jada Pinkett Smith is known as a talk show host and as an actress in multiple films, most notably The Matrix and The Nutty Professor. She also has her own production company with her husband Will Smith. However, what most fans probably did not know is that she is singer-songwriter and creator of heavy metal band Wicked Wisdom. Using Jada Koren as stage name vocalist for the nu metal band, here are interesting facts about Wicked Wisdom:

The Band Opened for Britney Spears

The band is composed of Jada Pinkett Smith on lead vocals, Pocket Honore on guitars, Cameron "Wirm" Graves on guitars and keyboard, Rio Lawrence on bass, and Philip "Fish" Fisher on drums. Honore, Graves, and Lawrence also provide backup vocals to supplement Jada's singing.

Wicked Wisdom was lucky enough to grab a spot in 2004's Onyx Hotel Tour of pop princess Britney Spears. The nu metal band served as opening act for Spears European tours in April and May 2004. They were promoting their debut album My Story which was released on the same year.

Ozzfest Fans Did Not Like Wicked Wisdom

Sharon Osbourne, wife of heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, was impressed when she saw Wicked Wisdom perform in one of the many Los Angeles club shows back in 2005. She saw how Jada and the band was passionate about metal. So, she booked Wicked Wisdom to appear on hard rock and heavy metal musical festival Ozzfest in 2005.

However, heavy metal fans were not happy about the band's appearance. They believed that Wicked Wisdom did not have enough credibility to perform just yet. Eventually, the attitude towards the Jada-led metal band became more positive as word of mouth about the band started to spread.

Jada felt it was awkward too at first. She could not believe she got invited to the Ozzfest and was apprehensive. But she was happy she opened her mind and grabbed the opportunity.

4 Things You Need to Know About Jada Pinkett Smith's Heavy Metal Band Wicked Wisdom
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They Supposedly Changed Their Name to Wicked Evolution

Speculations about the band working on another album started when Jada was seen in a recording studio in September 2011. However, it appears that the Matrix actress was probably supporting daughter Willow Smith complete her album Adripithecus.

A year later, a YouTube video claimed that The Graves Brothers were working on a gothic rock pop song for Jada. After a couple of weeks, the new name "Wicked Evolution" was announced. They are still currently active.

Wicked Wisdom Was Able to Make Two Albums

The band has two albums to date. Their debut album is My Story and was released in 2004 while their second self-titled album is Wicked Wisdom and was launched in February 2006. The second studio album made its way to number 44 in Billboard's Top Heartseekers chart in March 2006. The said Billboard chart are for highlighting new and developing talents. To promote the album, they went on several tours alongside heavy metal band Sevendust.

Jada listened to metal and hard rock when she was young, specifically citing Metallica and Guns N' Roses. She always wondered why there were no female metal acts so she decided to create Wicked Wisdom.