Test results show 10 employees of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were positive for Covid-19.

Crew members of the Westbrook Inc, the Smiths' production company, were tested positive and are now in quarantine. According to Independent, the results were announced last Saturday August 15.

CDC, California State and Los Angeles County released health guidelines and safety protocols for entertainment productions a month ago. This is in response to television and film companies starting to roll out production again.

Amidst pandemic, the entertainment company was working on productions for two shows. Westbrook Inc assured that it followed strict guidelines and protocols. They also added that production staff were retested even when getting negative results.

10 Crew Members of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Found Positive of Covid-19
(Photo : Will Smith - Instagram)

The 10 crew members tested negative at first and had no immediate symptoms of the coronavirus. However, they tested positive shortly after seeing results from the prior test. This prompted the Westbrook Inc production to reevaluate and seek assistance from another testing company. This is so they can double-check and confirm if the results were consistent.

Westbrook Inc added that they are willing to work with the Department of Public Health for an investigation. This is in line with hoping to dampen the number cases in California. As of this writing, the state has over 600,000 Covid-19 cases and over 11,000 deaths already.

On top of that, the production company had to stop operations on one show without being specific. Westbrook Inc launched Will From Home via Snapchat when lockdown was implemented last March. Meanwhile, Jada hosted her show Red Table Talk via Facebook. She hosts the show along with her mother Adrienne Bandield-Jones and daughter Willow Smith.

The two shows were not stranger to Covid-19 as both had discussions about the virus and how quarantine changed their lifestyles. Will Smith even had an interview with disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, disease expert and part of the coronavirus task force of the United States.