Piera Van de Wiel's new single "USED" raised awareness about the sudden increase in domestic violence connected with the pandemic lockdown. On top of that, she donated the proceeds from the track to the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women. This caught the attention of fans all over the world as well as the United Nations.

Aside from "USED," Piera also wrote "Come Back Home" for victims who were struck by the Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and send aid in the Great Albaco Island. The song was nominated in the ARTS x SDGS Film Festival. The track previously received a Silver Medal at the Global Music Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Listener Impact.

Piera Van de Wiel Raises Awareness about Rising Domestic Abuse due to COVID-19 Quarantine
(Photo : Piera Van de Wiel - Instagram)

Piera is a musician who is well aware of the impact of music on society. For that reason, she makes songs that deliver a strong message and a compelling narrative about issues that plague the community today.

She founded her very own collective "Stronger With Music" that focuses on Social Impact, Music, and Mental Health. The singer-songwriter worked with NGOs across the globe to facilitate events and musical performances that raise awareness about a particular social issue or aid in humanitarian efforts.

She works with Applaud Our Kids Foundation that provides children with helpful resources to help them achieve their dreams. Additionally, she allows the women-centered Barefoot College International to create sustainable development in communities plagued by poverty. Another organization she lends a hand to is Aspire Artemis Foundation, which promotes cultural exchange and other training opportunities.

During the International Women's Day, Piera performed at the United Nations Headquarters New York branch. Aside from that, she appeared in the Regional STEAM & Innovation Symposia with the help of UN Women and Microsoft.

The philanthropist artist currently has four songs under her belt - It's Complicated, When Sunny Gets Blue, and the two previously mentioned songs USED and Come Back Home. Fans and music lovers can find these on her Spotify. She also uploaded covers of Come Home and Million Reasons on her SoundCloud.

Piera is not only a musician but also an actress as well. She earned review praises from The New York Times, Plays to See, Stage Buddy, Time Out New York Trends, and many other media that reviews films as well as theater performances.

Her acting skill is versatile as she can play a character that has intimidating power or one that features her vulnerability. She suits sophisticated roles from period drama films perfectly, but that does not mean she cannot play a deranged murderer or a punk teenager. The actress-musician had plenty of acting credits to her name in various films and theaters.

Piera wrote and starred in the short film "Strip Clara," a period drama set in the 19th century. In that film, she is thrust against an abusive husband and corrupt institutions. It is about a woman who either chooses to accept suffering under the hands of oppressive patriarchy or fight back to gain her freedom.

She also played the lead role in psychodrama "Tainted Choices." The movie is about a daughter who lost a mother and unknowingly uncovered the part of her unaffected father in her mother's death.