The Boys is an Amazon series about super-powered individuals who are regarded as heroes by the general public. Little do they know that these "superheroes" are corrupt, abusive, and have twisted secrets. They form the group called The Seven and is managed by conglomerative Vought International. To put it simply, The Seven is like the evil version of DC's Justice League. Fighting them are a group of regular misfits who identifies themselves as "The Boys."

Never Meet Your Heroes: Superhero Team
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Homelander played by Anthony Starr

The leader of The Seven is considered as the main antagonist of the series. His superpowers are similar to that of Superman - laser eyes, flight, super strength, and more. Unlike Superman, Homelander does not seem to have a weakness to a particular material, and this makes him even more deadly.

Starlight played Erin Moriarty

Annie January, like Hughie Campbell, is the newcomer of The Seven who has the power to shoot light sparks. She is brought in to replace a former member who retired. Starlight came into the superhero group to "save the world," but that notion is completely shattered when she slowly learns more about how vile The Seven truly are.

Queen Maeve played by Dominique McElligott

Maggie Shaw is considered the second most powerful member of The Seven, next to Homelander. She is similar to DC's Wonder Woman, and she is looked up by young girls, including Starlight. Queen Maeve had a relationship with Homelander, but the two broke up, straining the dynamic inside the superhero team.

Translucent played by Alex Hassell

He is a member of The Seven who can turn invisible by turning his skin into metal. Translucent uses this power to spy on enemies and gather intelligence. However, he is also fond of other interests involving women's showers.

A-Train played by Jessie T. Usher

Reggie Franklin is The Seven's version of The Flash, the fastest man in the world. He is determined to stay on top, which led to dire consequences. A-Train is also Campbell's main target after the speedster accidentally ran over Hughie's girlfriend.

The Deep played by Chace Crawford

Also known as Kevin, The Deep is inspired by Aquaman from The Justice League. However, his aquatic powers are regarded as mediocre compared to the other members of The Seven. For that reason, he has a lot of insecurities that he eventually projected towards Starlight.

Black Noir played by Nathan Mitchell

He is the silent member of The Seven and is seemingly inspired by DC's Batman. Black Noir is a weapons master and dresses like a ninja but is more agile than the average human being.

The Lamplighter played by Shawn Ashmore (Season 2)

He is the former member of The Seven who retired and replaced by Starlight. Not much is known about him, but it appears he has the power to incinerate, as his name suggests. Lamplighter is probably inspired by The Green Lantern from the Justice League.

Stormfront played by Aya Cash (Season 2)

She is another new addition to The Seven and is fast becoming a rival for current leader Homelander. Stormfront has the superhuman ability to shoot purple lightning from her hands. She is one of the newcomers in the second season of The Boys.

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