Chadwick Aaron Boseman's untimely death got movie enthusiasts and comic book fans mourning all over the world. He helped bring black representation to the forefront, especially regarding Black superheroes, with his portrayal of King T'Challa as well as other black historical figures. He is best known for portraying several people who existed. There is no denying how important his films were, especially to African Americans. To give Boseman a proper send-off, here is a list of the best films he was in:

Black Panther

Boseman portrayed the Black superhero in numerous occasions in other Marvel films, but it was when he got his movie when he shined the most. It shows the origins of his superhuman abilities as well as the struggle of a prosperous kingdom that was not too proactive when it comes to the suffering of its people.

Avengers: Endgame

The "Black Panther" star returns as the titular superhero character. He was absent during the early parts of the movie because Black Panther was one of the many characters "snapped" out of existence by Thanos. In one of the film's epic moments where those who have been snapped returned, Black Panther was the first one revealed.

Da 5 Bloods

In this movie about four African-American war veterans, Boseman plays the fallen Squad Leader. The four protagonists are looking to find the remains of their leader. The story is inspired by real Black soldiers who died in Vietnam.

A Hero Indeed: Top 8 Chadwick Boseman Movies
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Captain America: Civil War

This was the first film appearance of the cat-like superhero Black Panther. He is one of the crucial characters in the main story, as the death of someone close to him triggered a train of events that lead to The Avengers fighting each other.

Avengers: Infinity War

The "Black Panther" film introduced Wakanda as the best stronghold against a galactic invasion. Thus, it made sense to bring the gems and the whole team to Wakanda. By doing this, The Avengers can prevent the villain Thanos from acquiring what he needs.


In this biopic courtroom drama, Boseman portrayed the first African American Supreme Court Judge Thurgood Marshall. The film focuses on Marshall's early days in his career as a lawyer in Connecticut. Boseman, along with as the rest of the cast, gave an excellent performance with his "quiet" confidence.

Get On Up

This is another film where Chadwick Boseman portrays a real-life individual in the person of musician James Brown. It revolves around the king of the soul's music career as well as the dark aspects of his life. Many reviewers agree that this is one of Boseman's unforgettable roles. The storytelling in the movie is nonlinear, with the events told in non-chronological order and the main character breaking the fourth wall on occasion.


This biopic film about Jackie Robinson was considered as Boseman's breakthrough performance. Robinson is the first African American to play baseball professionally. It explores the inspirational life of the baseball icon. This opened the way for Boseman to portray other historical figures in the films previously mentioned.