Blackpink members said that it was a dream come true when they got the opportunity to collaborated with Lady Gaga. The Korean girl group and the American singer-songwriter worked together for the song "Sour Candy." The K-pop band members Jennie Kim, Ji-soo Kim, Roseanne "Rosé" Park, and Lalisa Manoban consider Lady Gaga as one of their major musical influences.

In an interview regarding the influential singer-songwriter, each member recall how Gaga has made an impact on their own music journey.

Rosé did a cover for Lady Gaga's song "Yoü and I," the track written by the "Bad Romance" singer for her former lover Lüc Carl. She grew up listening to the singer-songwriter's music when going to the school and back. The Blackpink member believes that she was influenced by Lady Gaga as well as the culture that the pop musician was encouraging. Rosé acknowledges that Gaga was all about being able to express oneself fully and not afraid to challenge norms.

Lisa considers Lady Gaga as her favorite artist that she performed the song "Poker Face" for her initial evaluation. She mentioned that there are plenty of other songs she liked from Lady Gaga and that she cannot possibly list them all. The Thai rapper-dancer respects the "Bad Romance" pop artist because of the latter's ability to come up with unique styles every time that were not usually done before. Lisa also praises how Gaga is able to deliver insightful messages through her music.

How Lady Gaga Influenced Blackpink Into Making Groundbreaking Pop Music
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When the Korean act were still trainees, Jisoo remembered that they want to make great music like Gaga's someday. She also says that there are plenty to learn from the American pop singer, one of which is how Gaga enjoys every performance sincerely.

One of Jennie's most memorable moments regarding Lady Gaga was when she saw the music video for "Telephone," a collaboration between Gaga and Beyoncé. Jennie added that she admired the creativity and fashion of the two artists. She hoped that she would be able to make something as unique and as creative someday.

Everything seemed to come full circle when the female musicians connected to work on the collaboration. Rosé recalls that Lady Gaga was passionate when the latter tried to explain the song for the Korean group.

"That was more than just a call, it showed her passion and kindness. The fact that she wanted to sing a song with us not because we knew each other, but because she loved our music still makes me thrilled even to this moment," Jennie added.

Jisoo loved how everything blended together when the track was finally completed. She said she was happy how the sounds turned out well and she was surprised at the synergy they created with Lady Gaga.

Besides Lady Gaga, Blackpink collaborated with Dua Lipa for the song "Kiss and Make Up" and recently with Selena Gomez for the track "Ice Cream." It is also rumored that the next collaboration would be between Blackpink and Cardi B. The song is speculated to be titled "Bet You Wanna."

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