It appears that Cardi B has recently been leaked as the next non-Korean artist to collaborate with leading K-pop girl group BLACKPINK.

The leak appears after BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez released their collaboration single "Ice Cream." After the successful launch of the song, the girl group's company YG Entertainment made the full album available for pre-order. The company may have accidentally left a name that is part of the album details, and the name is that of Cardi B.

The company posted an announcement for the pre-order as well as photos of included items that fans are going to expect - CD, stickers, photo cards, postcards, to name a few.

In the CD are the album's tracklist printed near the rim of the item. Since the album was not yet released, YG Entertainment left the details on blur to keep things interesting. However, a specific part of the tracklist was more readable than what may have been anticipated.

At the bottom left corner of the BLACKPINK album, fans can spot the name of the controversial "WAP" rapper. Some fans with sharp eyes even went so far as to claim that the title of the track is "Bet You Wanna" featuring Cardi B.

Uncomfirmed: Cardi B and BLACKPINK Collaboration Is Titled 'Bet You Wanna'
(Photo : Cardi B Blackpink - Instagram)

Cardi B is no stranger to K-pop as she is an avid fan of popular Korean boy group BTS.

There is no official confirmation yet from YG Entertainment whether the Cardi B collaboration is really happening. It was either purely accidental, or it could also be intentional to generate hype for the upcoming collaboration.

If the said collaboration is indeed happening, this makes it the fourth time BLACKPINK has worked with non-Korean female pop artists. They have previously collaborated with Dua Lipa for the song "Kiss and Makeup," with Lady Gaga for the track "Sour Candy," and now with Selena Gomez for summer flirt anthem "Ice Cream."