BTS slayed during Billboards Music Awards (BBMAs) with the performance of their new single, 'Butter.' The new music had its initial release on Friday last week and came to life via remote performance from Korea.

BTS, consisting of Jung Kook, V, Jimin, ​j-hope, SUGA, Jin, and RM, captured BTS fans from all over the world and took them backstage to the dressing room until the red carpet area for the BBMAs .

Easy, Smooth, And Cute

In an interview, Jimin elucidates the overall theme that led them to make the song, 'Butter.' The K-pop idol explained that the song is for easy listening with the absence of a heavy or deep meaning.

"This is a little embarrassing, but it's something smooth like butter that really melts into and grabs hold of you. It's a very cute song, sort of a confession," he added.

Elle has a few intelligent guesses adding the information gap in Jimmin's interview. The media source explained that the easy lyrics of the new single is a 'cheeky admission' of their worldwide fame. The song's easy nature may also signify that they would like to relish and enjoy their superstar status as they climb the pinnacle of success.

Suga did not deny this dream and even opened their intention to receive a Grammy Award.

"'Butter'" will be another try at the Grammy Award. I hope we will have good results," he explained.

Speaking In Codes

Meanwhile, 'Butter' speaks in codes that are references to universal symbols and persona in the world of pop. In their opening lyrics, the K-pop group included lines like "Smooth like butter / like a criminal undercover," which is an indirect reference to Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal.' One can also find lyrics that will remind them of Usher's 'U Got It Bad' in the lines, "Don't need no Usher / To remind me you got it bad."

The Korean group did not forget about their BTS army and included words referring to them. "All the playas get movin' when the bass low / Got ARMY right behind us when we say so."

Last year, the boy of BTS caught the world by surprise upon releasing their first ever single in English, the disco-pop song, 'Dynamite.' Sources praised the music for the light and joy it brought to the world amid the darkness and lethargy of the pandemic.

"Cause ah, ah, I'm in the stars tonight/ So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight / Shining through the city with a little funk and soul / So I'ma light it up like dynamite, woah," BTS members sang in unison in the song's chorus.

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An Upcoming Summer Hit

Sources have already predicted that 'Butter' will slay the charts during the summer, considering that it broke a world record and has reached 10 million views in the first 13 minutes of its release on Youtube. In the next two hours, 'Butter' further gained fame, taking the Number 1 spot on Apple music. 'Butter' also had the highest number of single-day streams than any other songs on Spotify.

In the recent BBMAs, the K-pop group coveted the Top Social Artist, an award they have been receiving for four years. They have competed with Justin Bieber in this category. In the past, JB won the Top Social Artist for five consecutive years from 2011 to 2016.

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