BTS now ranks no. 1 at the Billboard Global 200 chart this week with its worldwide hit song, "Butter."

Just recently, the seven-member Korean pop boy band has tied with another hit group, Black Pink.

This week, it's a different story. As reported by Forbes, now the Bangtan Boys under Big Hit Entertainment has broken out of the tie and has brought itself back the title as the most successful musical group in South Korea as of the moment. 

BTS on a Close Flight on the Charts With BlackPink

Aside from being first on the 200-chart list at Billboard Global, BTS has also ranked itself as the South Korean musical act with the greatest number of placements on the weekly list.

In total, the boy group has bagged 11 wins, just one win higher than what is known as their closest competitor and South Korean girl group under YG Entertainment, BlackPink. 

Nonetheless, the two remain to be in a very close fight on the lists with BlackPink since the two K-pop favorites remain to have the most streamed music not only in Asia but also globally. Both of these musical acts have remained to be the only duo who has bagged double-digit appearances on the 200-chart Billboards Global list. 

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BTS Pushes for More Tracks in Less than a Year

BTS' "Butter," released just two weeks ago, is the group's ninth English digital single and their second-ever all-English song. This piece has allowed the group to lead global attention, further leading them up at the top on the Billboard Global.

As reported by Teen Vogue, the song has even gained approval from the American singer and songwriter Usher. When the singer hosted the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards, he uttered the song's lyrics, "Baby girl, are you ready?"

BTS also aims to push forward four tracks to the summit in a span of only less than a year. Globally, the song has tied the boy group with Justin Bieber as an artist with most placements inside the top tier list. 

In fact, only a few other musical acts from South Korea have managed to reach the Billboard Global 200 with more than one song. BTS managed this feat and this should certainly be lauded. 

Meanwhile, BlackPink member Rosé is the only South Korean solo star to send a pair of cuts to this prestigious list. Notable groups ITZY and Aespa have also formed part of the chart twice. 

The Septet is known for its well-loved members, Jimin, V, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin. The singers are known to co-write and co-produce their own original music. The group has started with their musical genre revolving around Hip-hop, but has now evolved into a wide range of other genres. Moreover, the group continues to push forward, producing English-themed songs and all-English songs like "Butter," which increases the group's popularity worldwide.

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